WhatsPad iOS 10.2: Now Install WhatsAPP on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Older versions

WhatsPad iOS 10.2: Now Install WhatsAPP on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Older versions

You might have heard about WhatsAPP, a popular cross platform messenger application which is favorite among all smartphone users.

Currently, the app is only available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and all older iPhone devices. However, the app doesn’t support iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

As per developers, they have developed WhatsAPP only for iPhone and it won’t install on iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch at the moment.

If you have iPad Air or iPad Mini and wanted to install WhatsAPP on your iDevice, we have some good news for you. There is an application on Cydia store known as WhatsPad which is developed by Lee Heap that enables WhatsAPP for iPad Air, iPad Mini and all older iPad models.

Yeah, you heard absolutely correct, now you can install WhatsAPP on your iPad Mini and even iPad Air using WhatsPad Cydia tweak which is available on Cydia store hosted by BigBoss repo source.

Don’t panic, calm down. Remember, WhatsPad is jailbreak tweak that requires jailbroken iDevice. So, if you don’t have jailbroken iPad, you won’t be able to install.

Jailbreak iPad using TaiG or PPJailbreak and head to Cydia store, there would be a default repository called BigBoss. WhatsPad is free jailbreak tweak which is available there.

It doesn’t have any kind of settings or icons, just install WhatsPad and install WhatsAPP iOS 10.2 along with it. WhatsPad simply enable WhatsAPP on iPad Air, iPad Mini.

Update: Now, you can download WhatsPad latest update directly from Apple AppStore. Apple has approved this app for iPad and iPod Touch to install WhatsAPP for iPad.

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  1. Can I install whatspad on a blackberry curve

  2. How to install what’sapp on my iPad.

  3. It is possible to delete messages sent? Thanks.

  4. Before doing this installation procedure, you should have the following apps and devices to make this work without any fail.

  5. Installed WhatsPad on iPad2…..works very, very slowly AND when a message comes in, there is no notification on the icon nor does a sound. Have checked all settings and they seem to be enabled. Can anyone help?

  6. Cant send save the picture, my ios 10.2.

  7. I have iPad Air 10.2 version I can’t download what’s app

  8. It tough it’s downloaded but not working

  9. I have à IpadPro 9.7 and THE screen is only show in portrait how can I change to landscape?

  10. Update, Update, Update…
    Finally, WhatsPad iOS 10.2 available which is already in approved list of Apple app store and now you can officially download it on your iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPod Touch to install WhatsAPP and there is no need of iPhone to sync your account.
    So, just download WhatsPad iOS 10.2 before it got revoked by Apple once again.

  11. Benjamin Loram Aliat

    the best way to install whatsapp on your ipad;any ipad
    download whatsapp fron itunes,then install syncios then go to apps on syncios and choose import and select your whatsapp itune file
    the app will be loaded onto your ipad

    1. Please help me I need to install whatsapp my iPod iOS 10.2

  12. i updated my whatsapp,but i want to get my old version ….. how can i get it ?

  13. The Whatspad tweak in cydia says that it does not yet support ios 8. Only till ios 7. Then how can whatspad be used to run whatsapp if it doesnt support the ios?

  14. it definetly works, but it is very important, that you install the version, which you have downloaded with your apple ID from itunes. If you want to use the version of another person you have to fill out the apple ID and the password from the user which downloaded WhatsApp

  15. helllo
    i had the same problem just like you
    update jailbreak tool from cydia
    sometime impossible because server is busy
    but possible
    good luck

  16. I successfully completed Taig’s iOS 10.2 Jailbreak for my iPad mini and installed WhatsPad and then Whatsapp. Unfortunately WhatsApp is saying device not compatible.

    Anyone found a solution???

    1. Divakar Vikramjeet Singh

      whatspad will not work since it is compatible for ios 7 only

    2. Yes I want please help me I use now iOS 10.2 but I can’t install whatsapp

  17. i install whatspad from source BigBoss but not working with my ipad 10.2 🙁 pls help
    and thanks all

  18. Hi, i have my iPod 5G jailbroken yesterday, i download WhatsPad and later WhatsApp from PP and still get the msg: Your device is not compatible. Any help?

    1. which ios are you running??

  19. pls how can i install whatspad on my ipad ios 10.2

  20. its frustrating that i cannot install whatspad on my ipad mini iOs 10.2 since there’s no jailbreak for iOs 10.2…. any help guys?????? i’m super frustrated.

  21. ipad mini ios 10.2 non jb. Please ipad mini for ios 10.2 jb ?

  22. i want to install whatsapp on ipad ios 10.2 without jailbreak.any hope?

  23. no jailbreak for IOS 8.2

  24. I tried many tweaks to install WhatsAPP on iPad Air 2, none of the jailbreak apps work. It seems like WhatsPad actually works. Please gimme step by step guide.

  25. How to Use WhatsPad to install WhatsAPP on iPad Mini 3. I’m tring my iPad Mini to install Whats APP messenger since four days and no luck till yet.
    I think all these tweaks are not working as explain. Please help me someone with exact steps. I would be thankful to them. I can even paid them, if someone tell me how does WhatsPad work to install messaging app installation on iPad Mini or iPad Air

  26. How to install Whatspad and how to install Whatsapp iPad app?

  27. How to configure WhatsPad Cydia tweak to install WhatsAPP on iPad mini?
    man, its too hard. I can’t even verify their sms without my iPhone.
    Now tell me what is the catch to install this tweak on iPad Mini? please

    1. If you’re trying first time, then i would recommend you to forget whatspad or any other apps like that because every Cydia tweak installation is hard.
      And you’re trying to install WhatsAPP on your iPad Mini, its too hard. You need iPhone Cong. utility

      1. WhatsPad really works on iPad Mini and iPad Air. WhatsPad removes the restriction from WhatsApp and allows you to install WhatsAPP on iPad Air or iPad Mini.
        I didn’t tried it on iPod Touch. Yeah, you need iPhone Cong. Utility with Whats Pad Cydia tweak to make it work perfectly.

      2. i have ipad mini ios 10.2 and i have cydia + jailbrak and and i install whatsapp

  28. Yes, how it works
    Thank you

  29. I installed whatsPad on my iPad but the issue for me was the WhatsApp app itself ! It was not available for download on app store. Finally I got it from the App store kind of application which was installed when i jailbroke my pad with Taig. Its a blue icon with K on it. That app shows whatsapp on search and even though it shows available for iphone, it downloads for ipad as well…
    Cheers 🙂

    1. The Predator Beast


      1. Predatorpad. Didn’t you read message before commenting?

    2. dude, search for the app in AppStore and when results page appear, there is an option in the top “iPad only”. click it and choose “iPhone only”.
      be happy!

  30. Dear Disqus, 10.2 was released like last week, your article is 5 months old… Yet the title says WhatsPad iOS 10.2 !!!?? Is this some kind of automated gimmic to get traffic to your site?

    1. I think author has updated the article instead of creating new one and this completely okey

      I think he should mention the date of update in the article

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