WhatsAPP Updates App for iPad Pro, iPad Mini with Better Encryption for iOS 11.1.2

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WhatsAPP has pushed an update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to add better encryption data. The new WhatsAPP iOS 11.1.2 is available for all the users.

Encrypted data is very good step by the company that would protect all the messages and videos that have been made by users using WhatsAPP.

After added encrypted data feature, the communication between WhatsAPP users would become more secure and private.

Now, when you make any call or send any text message using WhatsAPP, that message, call or photo would be reach only to the person on whom you’re sending. The whole conversation would be top secret after installing WhatsAPP on iPad or iPhone, the new update.

WhatsAPP, the most popular and one of the best messaging platforms world wide. After getting new update, more and more iPhone, iPad and Android users would install and use the new app for iPhone or on iPad.

If you’re also one of the user, don’t forget to update your messenger application to the new version. You’d get new encrypted data and more security features.

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