TweetBot iOS 10.2: The Update Brings New Quote Tweet for iPhone, Apple Watch

TweetBot iOS 10.2: The Update Brings New Quote Tweet for iPhone, Apple Watch

Twitter is one of the best social media application for smartphone whether it is iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any Windows Phone. Twitter has kept remain it’s popularity.

Based on Twitter, many other paid apps get huge revenue on selling their products. One such Twitter app is TweetBot. This is incredible popular among all over the world in smartphone users.

Recently, The developers have pushed an update of TweetBot for iPhone and Apple Watch that brings couple of new features on the floor.

Now, using new TweetBot iPhone app, you can use “Quote Tweet”, view GIFs and you can upload your video directly on Twitter using TweetBot.

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The pricey app, TweetBot iOS 10.2 is available on Apple app store from where you can download TweetBot and install on your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.

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  1. I love TweetBot, with the amount of time I spend on Twitter
    it’s the main reason I use my iPhone more than my Nexus, as much as I
    absolutely adore stock JellyBean and Android’s notification system there
    just isn’t a twitter client I’ve found to match TweetBot. That isn’t to
    say there aren’t any good twitter clients on Android, not at all…I very
    much like Carbon and I loved Boid and TweetLanes before their
    respective developers focused on other projects.

    Those clients to me just aren’t as awesome…TweetBot on Android would be incredible even if it is only a pipe dream 🙁

  2. Tweetbot was before these limits were imposed (the user ones)
    and I think if your app was before api v1.1 then they didn’t apply. I
    could be wrong.

  3. No way am I paying for yet another twitter app that does what
    all the others do with a slight tweak to the look. I’ve fallen for the
    “most beautiful design ever created” hype more times than I can count. I
    just bought the last Tweetbot app in the past year and I don’t recall
    it being on a subscription based pricing model.

    1. Does the new version of Tweetbot show Retweets, Favorites, and
      Follows like @CONNECT does in the native Twitter client???? I am very
      disappointed that Tweetbot hasn’t done this. I think it’s a very
      convenient thing to have all of that info available at a glance.

      1. Esteban Gonzalez

        I don’t have a problem with them charging for the new version
        but they took so long getting an iOS 10.2 looking version that I already
        got used to Twitterific. At this point I think I’ll stick with what I’ve
        got. Besides, Tweetbot will likely go to $0.99 sometime like previous
        versions have.

        1. I hope they do release a version for android.

          Tried all twitter apps for android. None of them is close to the functionality of tweetbot.

          Some of them were very ugly and others can not remember the location
          of the last read tweet in the timeline, others could not send

          Plume, falcon pro, ubersocial are the best but I think that tweetbot would be better than all of them

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