5 Top Cydia Sources and Repositories for Cracked Apps for iOS 10.2

5 Top Cydia Sources and Repositories for Cracked Apps for iOS 10.2

If you’ve jailbroken iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air, you would aware of Cydia Sources. These bunch of repositories address are also known as Cydia repos. These directories of various developers keep our jailbreak device up to date with numerous great tweaks, jailbreak apps and themes.

There are different different kind of sources available on Cydia, how you would choose your favorite Cydia repo or the repo which can give the best out of best tweaks, themes and apps. Suppose, you wanna free apps what we say? Cracked apps. You would need to add Cydia sources which specially update those kinds of apps or games.

So, the choice or the correct repository address is first and most important thing. If you’ve jailbroken iPad or iPhone and wanna such cracked or paid apps for free, we’ve picked up 5 Cydia Sources that can update you whatever you wanna download.

1. AppAddict repo: I would say, this is just a perfect clone of Apple website. The newer user would just think that this Apple’s website, but its AppAddict. They have their own Cydia source where they update cracked apps, tweaks and game hacks. While on the website, they have different different categories of apps. We’ve seen some great cracked apps on AppAddict repo source.

2. iSpazio Repository: Do you need completely cracked apps and specially the Cydia source that offer you game hacks? iSpazio repo source does actually what you need. Suppose, you don’t wanna add iSpazio source of repository, you can head to their online website and download iPA files and install them using iFunBox iOS 10.2, or iTools. Both the tools are well known and stable. You can use iFile to install those iPA files suppose you don’t have iFunBox or iTools.

3. xSellize Repo Source: xSellize is completely dedicated to cracked apps and game hacks. I’ve seen Clash of Clan, Candy Crush and such game hacks on their repo source. But, never tried such game hacks, because I prefer to install purchased in-app purchases rather than cracked one.

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4. InSanelyi Source: Sorry for adding such outdated repository address here, but it was also one of the best Cydia Source at a time for cracked apps. At the time of HackulOus and InstallOus, Insanelyi repo was one of the most famous Cydia repository for cracked apps. Don’t know, but somehow it got out dated since couple of years.

5. iPhoneCake & AppVV: If you’re on iOS 10.2 or latest jailbreak device, iPhoneCake repo source is one of the best Cydia sources for your need. The developer has created wonderful iPhone app known as AppCake iOS 10.2. Which is one of the best Cydia app store for cracked apps.

AppVV repo is also well known repository which has vShare iOS 10.2. AppVV repo source has great number of active users who have added AppVV repository to their Cydia app store.

If you’ve any other Cydia source different than these, share with us…


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  1. These repos are ancient. Appcake, xsellize don’t work. Insanelyi is a really good one though.

  2. Need the link for jailbreaking my 10.01 using taig..

  3. Please list up couple of Cydia repos which contains free Cydia tweaks such as BigBoss, ModMyi and ZodTTd.

    1. BigBoss, ZodTTD and ModMyi are default repositories of Cydia. The best Sources list should contains repo sources for activator, bitesms, springtomize and other repo sources that have free and paid apps

  4. These are really great cydia sources for iOS 10.2 jailbreak. I just jailbroken using TaiG and added these repos from the list and successfully downloaded couple tweaks.

    1. Can u please give me the address for your jailbreak please

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