Top 6 Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS 10.2 in 2016

Top 6 Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS 10.2 in 2016

Apple has already unveiled iOS 10.2 beta and testing couple of other new firmware projects such as iOS 10.2, iOS 10.2 and iOS 10.2. We have noticed these firmware traffic in our analytic log.

TaiG team, a popular jailbreak tool developer team, has released iOS 10.2 jailbreak untethered just now and more and more users are approaching jailbreak.

iOS 10.2 Cydia installer comes with couple of best Cydia Repos for iOS 10.2 jailbreak. We have picked up couple of other repositories in the list to balance it with free and paid tweaks and jailbreak apps.

So, we’re gonna listing some of the top Cydia Sources below…

BigBoss Repository: You can say BigBoss repo is the heart of Cydia sources. It hosts every second Cydia tweak on their repo source. It is full of paid and free tweaks. One of the best repositories of 2015. It comes with installer, so, you won’t need to add it manually until you remove it.

ModMyi Repo: It hosts every 3rd tweak over all. Must have Cydia repository after BigBoss repo. ModMyi repo source also comes with Cydia installer when you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

HackYouriPhone Repo: I found many useful paid jailbreak apps here for free. If you wanna test any popular tweak before making purchase, you can add HackYouriPhone repo and try your luck. It contains large number of paid tweaks. Almost all cydia tweaks that hosted on HackYouriPhone Repo are best one.

BiteYourApple Repository: This is my favorite repo source for cracked apps. Do you need cracked apps or tweak? BiteYourApple is the best among all repo sources in jailbreak store. Its not default repo, so you need to add it manually like HYI repo.

iPhoneCake.COM: Do you have heard about InstallOus or HackulOus? Yeah, Install0us and Hackulous has been shut down and iPhoneCake is the best alternative repository for HackulOus. iPhoneCake has developed AppCake and iPAStore which is quite popular among jailbreakers.

AppAddict Repo: An other great source of cracked apps. The user needs to add AppAddict repo manually. If you’re searching any cracked apps, most probably, you would find it on AppAddict repo. It is one of the best Cydia Repos for iOS 10.2

Note: We are discussing about iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Sources released by TaiG team.

Quick Tip

BigBoss Repo and ModMyi Repository are default sources while HYI, BYI, iPhoneCake and AppAddict are the repositories which need to add manually.


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  2. i m not able to add sources

    1. Follow these steps…
      1. First you should know that if you don’t have working internet connection, Cydia won’t able to fetch content of Cydia Sources to your jailbroken device, so to add repo, you would need to connect iPhone to WiFi, it’s most recommended.

      2. The second thing which is really very important is, Source URL. If you know which Cydia sources you want to add and the proper URL for that, you can get what you want. So make sure that you’ve the best Cydia Sources list along with you.

      3. The process of adding Cydia Repos can be found easily which requires tap on Sources-Edit-Add and done.

      4. If you still have any issues getting top Cydia Sources to your device, I recommend to post another comment.


      1. Hello! thank you for the suggestions!

        I am trying to add xsellize repo to my 10.2 jailbreak but I keep getting an error “cached failed, GPG error ./Release: The following signatures were invalid: NoDATA1 NODATA 2

        Failed to fetch packages.

        I get the error with all the sources I try to add.

        I want those sources because I want to add Mywi. Ive done my research and I know Mywi is available for 10.2 but every time I try to install it it just says it is not supported. I am not able to add any other sources because the will all return the same error

  3. Is jailbreaking possible for IOS 10.2????

    1. yes i can do this

    2. now possible with impactor & nvwastone.01

  4. How do you jailbreak ios 10.2.

  5. I hate PanGu, 25PP and TaiG who don’t release any jailbreak for iOS 10.2. I’m waiting so bad to add some exciting Cydia Sources to my iPhone after jb my phone, but there is no body who care me. There should any paid developers who release untethered solution for iPhone and iPad. I’m really waiting hard for one jailbreak at this stage to add Cydia repos.



    2. Search in google for ” pphelper ” and you get jailbreak tool

  6. i couldn’t find appaddict and iPhonecake repo sources. iPhoneCake, appaddict and appvv are a few sources of them which can change the game. 89% of cracked apps are stored on these repositories.

  7. What is about Insanelyi repo source? Insanelyi has a huge database of cracked apps that other repo doesn’t have.
    I have rejailbreak iOS 10.2 and tried to add Insanelyi repository, but it shows error. Please help me to confirm that insanelyi is working or not.

    1. first download VPN and after that try download with VPN, it will now show error anymore

  8. I would recommend three repo sources in above list
    xsellize: the best combination of Cydia tweaks and cracked apps from app store. One of the best and must have repository

    SinFul iPhone Repo: You are missing Sinful iphone repo in your list, its the best one among all these repositories.

    iHacksrepo: This is one of the best repository in the world to get Cydia hacks. Top class jailbreak apps can be found here.

    So, add xSellize, SinFul iPhone repo source and iHacksrepo to the list to complete it. No doubt then this would be the best sources in 2015 even 2016

  9. Add FilippoBiga repo source in the list of 2015

  10. You forgot a bunch of other repositories. AppVV which is vShare’s developer have wonderful source. xSellize can be added in the above list. Other theme repositories can be added.
    you missed couple of top repositories in above list

    1. not active anymore

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