The 20 Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Compatible for iPhone, iPad

The 20 Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Compatible for iPhone, iPad

As you all know, iOS 10.2 jailbreak has been demonstrated on YouTube video and jailbreak 10.2 would be released soon. Then, which tweaks would you installed first. Confused?

Okay, lets solve your puzzle. We’ve listed of 20 best Cydia tweaks that you can choose to install on your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or Apple Watch after jailbreak iOS 10.2.

We’re gonna categorize these 20 tweaks in various categories. You can choose your favorite Cydia apps for your iPhone or iPad…

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Must Have Cydia Apps

  1. Activator
  2. Springtomize
  3. IntelliScreenX
  4. CyDelete
  5. BiteSMS
  6. Winterboard
  7. MyWi

Another Set of Cydia Tweaks

  1. AndriOS
  2. Barrel
  3. Cylinder
  4. CCControls
  5. CerCube
  6. CyHide
  7. Dreamboard
  8. LockInfo
  9. Multify
  10. Moove

Jailbreak Apps & Cracked Cydia Apps

  1. vShare
  2. MovieBox
  3. AppAddict

So, do you have decided to get these tweaks? You don’t need to install all these 20 tweaks on your iPhone or iPad, you can install the first set of tweaks and choose alternative apps which can be chosen from set 2 and set 3.

I’ve added couple of best and must have Cydia tweaks in the set 1 which you must install after jailbreak iOS 10.2. Another set of tweaks contains CerCube, Moove and Multify type tweaks that allows you extra power for your jailbroken device to make your device creative.

Whereas, the 3rd set of tweaks contains vShare, AppAddict and AppCake which are jailbreak app store. vShare and AppAddict have a lot of cracked apps which are listed on Apple app store as paid apps.

If you’ve installed any of above tweaks, please share your thoughts about them…


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  1. Is Activator working? Can anyone confirm this?

  2. Does ifile iOS 10.2 cydia tweak work? I want to edit system files to install iOS 10.2 apps

  3. BiteSMS isn’t compatible either.

    1. Bitesms ios 10.2 should be there as working jailbreak app
      That’s really bad

  4. intelliscreenX isn’t compatible. it requires firmeware prior to ios 10.2

  5. Great Magnifecent Hairy Balls

    Yes You should leave descriptions

  6. You should leave a description of each tweak

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