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AppDuplicator Cydia Tweak Allows Multiple Accounts into a iPhone or iPad

How to Duplicate apps for iOS using AppDuplicator and Social Duplicator Cydia Tweaks…

You would find numerous friends and iPhone users who wanna use multiple accounts for different social apps to avoid sign in and out. I’m also one of them and I have to sing in and out for many apps such as Amazon store, WhatsAPP and Facebook.

I have to sign out my first account if I want to use different Facebook Id and then have to sign in again with second user ID, and that’s ridiculous. But, you can avoid such things if you’ve jailbroken iPhone or iPad and you’ve installed Social Duplicator or AppDuplicator Cydia tweaks that duplicate apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Jailbreak is like a jackpot for many users and they use it like a Pro. On Cydia App Store, you can found newly released Social Duplicator which can duplicate social apps such as WhatsAPP, Facebook or Twitter. Social Duplicator tweak duplicates apps for your iPhone and adds those duplicate apps to the springboard like a new original app.

In Addition, you can found bunch of customized features that can make your process much easier and wonderful. You can set custom name for that clone app plus you can give it a different icon or color.

Nowadays, bunch of apps which are too popular won’t allow you to use more than one account per app. If you want to use two mobile number on a WhatsAPP, you can’t use them into one. If you’ve two different mobile number one for business and one individual mobile number then have to purchase different smartphone to run WhatsAPP with other mobile number. But, if you’ve Social Duplicator or AppDuplicator tweak installed on your iPhone, you can easily run two WhatsAPP accounts on your iPhone or iPad.

Yeah, other app that duplicates apps on your iPhone is AppDuplicator iOS 11.1.2. It duplicates any iPhone app on jailbroken iOS firmware. You can download AppDuplicator Cydia app from iMokhles Cydia repo. Or Social Duplicator from BigBoss repo source.

You can use one of these Cydia tweaks and don’t have to add both Cydia Sources to directory. If you want to use Social Duplicator to duplicate apps, you don’t need to add any repo and it’s available on default BigBoss repo while AppDuplicator would require you to add iMokhles repo to the Cydia source directory.

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