PokemonGoAnywhere iOS 10.2: How to Go Anywhere on Pokemon Go iOS 10.2

Pokemon Go Anywhere Cydia tweak for iPhone, iPad running on iOS 10.2…

PanGu has come with brilliant solution for Cydia users. Jailbreak users can install Cydia tweaks using PanGu PP App Store app. It made possible countless games and jailbreak apps installation.

You may have heard about Pokemon Go Anywhere feature. Normally you can’t go anywhere you what on Pokemon Go iPhone game, but using PokemonGoAnywhere Cydia tweak you can now go anywhere on Pokemon Go.

This is achieved and done using a Cydia tweak which can be installed for free using a Cydia repo source. With a touch to a button, you can go anywhere you want in the world, isn’t it cool?

How to go anywhere in the world on Pokemon Go

You would like one more popular Pokemon Go Cydia tweak which is known as Poke Go ++. Check it out too. Meanwhile, below are the steps to get installed Pokemon Go Anywhere iOS 10.2 tweak.

  1. You first need a jailbreak iOS 10.2 iPhone, to do so, you can use PanGu which is the best tool available on the web that supports iOS 10.2 on Mac, Windows and Linux.
  2. The second is Cydia App Store. It would come with free sources but you won’t need any default repos because you need HackYouriPhone repo in order to download Pokemon Go Anywhere iOS 10.2 tweak.
  3. Once you’ve added HYI repo, you can search and install PokemonGoAnywhere tweak.

Note: You must have Pokemon Go iOS 10.2 iPhone game in order to use any Cydia tweaks listed above otherwise none of jailbreak apps would work with Pokemon Go in app purchases.

If you need any help or not able to install Pokemon Go Anywhere tweak, you can leave a comment below…


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  1. Ingress outright wouldn t let you open the app if it detected a jail broken device. I had to install two tweaks as a workaround. When this happens while using PokemonGoAnywhere, I m afraid to restart as the location will be reset to my actual location.

  2. It works, thanks. I was surprised that these hacks actually work. I tapped in the middle of the root and pokemon go anywhere where I want. Thanks

  3. Nowadays world’s of users are crazy to play Pokemon Go and PokemonGoAnywhere can be a great fun for you.

    1. Yeah, I know the days of Mario and now the days came for PokemonGoAnywhere like tweaks and games. This is really crazy.

    2. Holy cocsine data batman. Lol!

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