Poke Go ++ Pokemon Go Cydia Tweak: Play the game with Premium Features for free

Download Poke Go ++ iOS 10.2 Cydia tweak for Pokemon Go for iPhone, iPad…

You may have searched a lot of Pokemon Go Cydia tweaks and found worthless jailbreak apps on that process. Today, I would expose a cool Pokemon Cydia tweak for you.

Poke Go Plus aka Poke Go++ is the Cydia tweak that brings tons of features for Pokemon Go game for iPhone, iPad which can be archived using PanGu jailbreak and App Store.

The users who are crazy about Pokemon Go and can’t play it like a pro with premium features, Poke Go Cydia tweak brings premium features for those kind of users for free.

You can consider Poke Go ++ as Best Pokemon Go In app purchase Hack. It’s one of the best in it’s series and offers the feature that you won’t found on free Pokemon Go game and these are free in app purchases for Pokemon Go.

There are other Pokemon Go In app purchase hacks available but those in apps don’t release premium features that Poke GO ++ would do for you. Below are the features that you’d get using Poke Go ++ iOS 10.2 tweak.

  • JoyStick: Poke Go Cydia app brings JoyStick feature on your iPhone if you’ve installed the tweak. It makes playing so easy.
  • Tap to Walk Anywhere: Once you’ve installed Poke Go Plus tweak, you can enable tap to Walk Anywhere feature to do it.
  • Fake Location: Do you wanna create Fake Location withing Pokemon Go for iPhone? Now, you can install Poke Go + Cydia tweak and enable Fake Location option.
  • Patrol Mode: There are two modes available on PokeGo Plus jailbreak apps in which Patrol Mode is also available.
  • Go to Home: You can enjoy Go to Home feature on Pokemon Go while installing and running Poke Go++ in the background.
  • More

There are lot more features come with the tweak and those all features you’re getting in one Cydia tweak. If you’ve interest to play this game with Poke Go++, you’d need to add Cydia Source to your iPhone using installer app.

You can comment to get details about those repos URL and the trick to install them for free. So, start commenting to unlock limitless cheats codes, in app purchases and hacks for Pokemon Go with Poke Go ++ for iOS 10.2.


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  1. This is another amazing jailbreak tweak for Pokemon Go that lets you walk anywhere to catch pokemons just by tapping on any location in the map. This is also a tweak to be added in cydia sources as a repo and it is completely free.

  2. I’m still confuse about Pokemon Go ++ tweak and Poke GO ++ because both of these look different and not available on Apple App Store. I’d request author to explain the difference between these two hacks. Is Pokemon Go ++ hack also work?

  3. Not working anymore start this morning

    1. Do you mean, it was working till this morning? Oh I missed it. I love Pokemon Go tweaks and if Poke Go ++ was working, I just missed it.

    2. There’s a 1.4 release on Reddit. Found the link on Will Cobb’s Twitter.

  4. ” You can consider Poke Go ++ as Best Pokemon Go In app purchase Hack.” How do you get in app purchases with this hack? I have yet to figure it out.

    1. this tweak does’nt allow you to in-app purchase, author does’nt know what they’re talking bout

      1. Does Poke Go Plus needs separate in app purchase cracker? I mean localiapstore or is-crazy??

  5. Pokemon Go++ not working, have you any android version for that? I was trying to hack Pokemon Go ++ Android app
    please help

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