PKGBackup, BackupAZ: The Best BackUp Cydia Apps for iPhone, iPad

If you own a iPhone or iPad, then you know how difficult it is to take backup of your important data. To solve your problem, the latest jailbreak iOS 10.2 brings two useful Cydia tweaks which are known as BackupAZ and PKGBackup. You can choose one of these two backup solution which are available only for jailbreak device.

BackupAZ is brand new Cydia tweak released by SynnG on ModMyi repo source for free. Yeah, BackupAZ Cydia tweak is available for iPhone or iPad completely free. You can save almost $4 by installing BackupAZ iPhone app over PKGBackup.

BackupAZ can backup below things:

  • Complete set of Cydia sources which are added to your iPhone
  • The bunch of installed Cydia tweaks, jailbreak apps and hacks installed on your iPad or iPhone.
  • You can choose the option that takes backup of your settings of installed Cydia tweaks.
  • BackupAZ takes backup of your notes, calendar, messages, and contact numbers.
  • Calendar events are also recorded to BackupAZ iPhone app.
  • You can backup bookmark that you’ve saved to Safari.
  • Voicemail and call history are also the option to store on backup.

You can backup above items using BackupAZ Cydia tweak and can restore them any time using the same tweak.

BackupAZ is completely free and secure for your iPhone and most importantly, it gets updates frequently to address bugs.

I personally recommend BackupAZ over PKGBackup which is old enough and can’t get updates. And, most importantly, PKGBackup costs you $9.99 which is far costly than free BackupAZ.

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Take a look at couple of features that PKGBackup offers:

  • PKGBackup offers cloud storage option to store backup files.
  • PKGBackup can backup Cydia packages, Cydia repos and Springboard files.
  • The complete set of contact entries, calendar events, notes, message book and Safari bookmark.
  • You can even save SHSH blobs for your current jailbreak device for later use.

Download PKGBackup now.

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