Pandora iOS 10.2 Apps: Pandora Downloader, Skips, Essentials, Enhancer Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

Pandora iOS 10.2 Apps: Pandora Downloader, Skips, Essentials, Enhancer Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

There is a lot of things for users who love music. You can enjoy iTunes Radio, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Songza on your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch. Pandora is also such music streaming service which is hot favorite in all the users whether they use iOS device or Android smartphone.

Fortunately for jailbreak users, there are some hacks that make most of these service free of charge and without limitation. For example, you can use Cydia tweaks to get free songs and couple of features from Pandora Music service which is not possible directly.

If you’ve jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can install below popular Pandora apps such as Pandora Downloader, Enhancer, Unlimited Skips and Pandora Essentials. All of these Pandora collection apps have their own set of features which can be used on jailbroken device only.

Pandora Downloader: It is popular Cydia tweak which is available on jailbreak store which allows user to download Pandora songs and music. Pandora Downloader Cydia tweak is must have for all of those who love to listen Pandora music.

PandoraEnhancer: Do you feel that you’re missing any feature from Pandora app? PandoraEnhancer adds couple of great features to Pandora. You can get unlimited skips, download music from Pandora and allows user to block ads during listening songs on Pandora.

Pandora Essentials: There are couple of features which you won’t get normally such as Unlimited Skips, Quality adjustment, navigation of history and a lot more. Pandora Essential Cydia tweak brings these features on your iPhone or iPad using Pandora Essentials.

In short, using these Cydia tweaks, you can use your iPhone or iPad like a music hub with Pandora. To use Pandora Music service properly, you should look into these Cydia apps and jailbreak hacks.

Pandora Downloader, Pandora Skips, PandoraEnhancer and Essentials are completely free Cydia tweak. Leave your comment to know more about these apps…


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  1. Use Pandoraskips on a version 7.3 Pandora from appcake. Has all functions working including the downloader.

  2. Pandora essentials will cause severe permissions issues on your iPhone. I have iPhone 6S 10.2 and this caused some pretty weird issues! I know for sure its this package causing the problems because everytime I would start Pandora, the issues would then starty after that. Losing logins, app crashes etc until a reboot and reJB was performed. I deleted Pandora Essentials and now its fixed.

    Please update the package and fix this bug!

    1. Rapid Repair can help with iOS 10.2 Jailbreak and iPhone 7 screen repair.

  3. Just tested Pandora Downloader on 10.2 (iphone 6+). It worked.

    I have Pandora version 7.0
    Got Pandora Downloader from sinfuliphone repo (3.5.6)

    1. Intr sting you installed on iOS 10.2. Almost a month before it came out got a time machine

      1. It’s most likely a beta version

        1. Hackear pandora radio

  4. What’s the source for this ?

  5. I just downloaded PandoraPro and it works, unlimited skips and no commercials.

    1. Source for iOS 9?

    2. What is the link

  6. Pandora downloader hasn’t worked for a while now which I’m really sad about because I used it for years and still have it on my iPhone 4s but that’s neither here nor there. What you’re going to want to do is install both Pandora skips for unlimited skips (you’ll get a message when you open Pandora that says “skip limit bypassed” and Pandora essentials for no ads. I hope this helps.

    1. Yeah man same here , this tweak was the only reason I jail broke my phone ;(

      1. Run an older version of pandora. App cake.

  7. Can be use in a regular Iphone (is not hacked)???

    1. It’s not hacked. It’s jailbroken, big difference

  8. Pandora downloader doesn’t work on iOS 10.2 latest update. I just tested installing Pandora skips using Mojo installer and it gives me error. Please help me

    1. Working for me on 10.2 PP JB. Maybe u need to downgrade your Pandora version.

      1. How do you downgrade the app

        1. Either download a lower version of pandora using AppCake or use AppAdmin within Cydia to downgrade Pandora from the AppStore

  9. I’d vote for Pandora Downloader because it’s only the best and working solution for Pandora apps. I’d say it’s ultimate Cydia tweak that never fails to download or skip songs.

    1. I have a question can pandora one be use on iphone 7 plus with no issue. If I downloaded will it damage the iPhone setting

  10. Can I install Pandora Cydia tweak for FM radio?

  11. Pandora is a music service where you can find Pandora radio and music related stuffs. If you’d use Cydia tweaks, these services may be free for you. Its something like iTunes radio

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