GBA for iOS 10.1.1: iPhone Game Boy Advance Emulator for iPad

Download GBA4iOS for iPhone, iPad running on iOS 10.1.1 or iOS 10.1.1…

One of the popular game emulator has been updated for iOS 10.1.1 and as well as iOS 10.1.1 which is released by Apple just last week. Fortunately, GBA4iOS supports Pokemon Go, so you won’t be unhappy to see your favorite game.

Since iOS became more jailbreak friendly, users can actually install many top jailbreak apps such as GBA4iOS without any need or support of Cydia. You can just head to app website and download a profile, verify it and install your favorite game emulator or just like that. GBA iOS 10.1.1 is just one of them.

Nowadays without jailbreak, users install NDS4iOS 10.1.1, Emu4iOS 10.1.1 and many of such game emulator with the help of vShare application specially since AppVV released vShare Pro for iPhone, iPad and Android.

iPhone users can download GBA4iOS dedicated to iOS 10.1.1 or newly released iOS 10.1.1 for free without any kind of tension of Cydia or jailbreak in order to add your favorite game ROM available for GBA or Emu4iOS. NDS4iOS 10.1.1 also supports Pokemon Go.

And unlike before, GBA4iOS doesn’t require any kind of jailbreak at all. You can be comfortable without having Cydia on you iPhone or iPad in order to play your favorite games using this favorite game emulator.

Surprisingly, GBA iOS 10.1.1 uses the official Apple certificate to install GBA4iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.1.1 exclusively on iPhone and iPad. It doesn’t require any trick such as Data trick or some other.

Fortunately GBA4iOS 10.1.1 which is most recent update in this game emulator supports MultiPlayer, different Skins, URL Scheme, DropBox Support as well as Cheat codes. Plus, you’d feel flexible while playing GBA4iOS 10.1.1, iOS 10.1.1 and all other previous version of Apple firmware for iPhone and iPad.

You’d get a lot more after installing GBA iOS 10.1.1 on your device and the first thing is ROMs. Yeah, there are many GBA4iOS Roms available on the web which give you something different experience basis of each new ROMs. Many of those GBA4iOS ROMs are free for download.

How to Download GBA4iOS 10.1.1 and Install without Jailbreak

While you’re installing GBA for iOS 10.1.1 without jailbreak, you need to trust profile which you’d get when you’d visit iEmulators website.

Yeah, you want to access Safari browser and head the best GBA4iOS ROMs website, iEmulators and visit GBA4iOS download page. Where you need to tap on Install button and iEmulator would easily install GBA iOS 10.1.1 on your iPhone.

You can use iPod Touch, iPad Air or iPad mini as well as iPad Pro to install and run GBA4iOS games.

Note: make sure that you’ve made it’s profile in the trusted way otherwise, GBA4iOS not working error would be appear.

Despite that if you’d face GBA4iOS not working, you can make a simple comment stating the whole issue or if you can’t install GBA ROMS, you can also make a comment for that URL.

Have a nice day!

Lucky Patcher Released for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

In App Purchases Hack Using Lucky Patcher…

We mostly write about Cydia and the tweaks which genuine extend features rather than any tweak or jailbreak apps that hack in app purchases any way.

But recently, we found that there are couple of APK that hacks in app purchases in Android devices without Cydia tweaks because Android can’t install Cydia at all.

For information purpose, we decided to write about Lucky patcher which is APK for Android that hack in app purchases whether it is Pokemon Go or Clash of clan. So, Lucky Patcher is not for iOS 10.1.1 devices and it works great on Android platform.

The developer is looking to launch Lucky Patcher iOS 10.1.1, but it would need Cydia and jailbreak to make it work on latest firmware which is not so easy and possible.

While on iOS, there were a lot of Cydia tweaks were available for the iPhone to hack in app purchases. For getting free in app purchases, iPhone users were rally on Cydia and jailbreak where some Cydia tweaks were working great to hack in app purchases.

This trend has extended to Android devices too. A well known Lucky Patcher tweak hack is used for in app purchases hack and it’s without Cydia installer.

The users just need to download Lucky Patcher to get in app purchases for Android device and it works without any root or jailbreak.

The tweak has been hosted on dedicated website from where users can download and install it for free. If you’ve iPhone or iPad, you can use iAPCrazy or iAP Cracker for iOS.

Yeah, you can ask for any query if you’ve questions or confusion…

How to Install iOS 10.1.1 for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, iPod Touch 5G, iPad

iOS 10.1.1 released and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for download…

iOS 10.1.1 was really a great and huge announcement by Apple in regards with new updates and features. Before supported device update, I’d rather talk about the features.

The new iOS 10.1.1 is fully redesigned and full of new elements. The users are getting new design in Control Center, Notification Center, Lock screen and all the things.

It looks like Apple considers iOS 10.1.1 as big big update. And it’s general thing for iPhone 4S users that this time they’re lucky or not to get iOS 10.1.1 for iPhone 4S.

Yeah, this time there are many things which can be changed. No doubt, iPhone 4S would feel difficult to handle heavy designed iOS 10.1.1 and iPod Touch 5th generation would be another unlucky device in this category.

Yeah, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 6G would definitely install iOS 10.1.1 on their iPhone and iPod Touch and can enjoy a brand set of new features and updates.

In a quick test, we found completely new and redesigned control center and lock screen. The new lock screen shows beautiful notification on lock screen and iOS 10.1.1 control center looks great with cutting edges. However, you wont use 3D touch within lock screen element.

Siri is another great update of iOS 10.1.1. Apple has decided to include Siri voice assistant for many third party messenger apps. So from now, we can use Siri for WhatsAPP, WeChat and other messenging platform and apps.

You’d feel completely new experience while using keyboard on iOS 10.1.1 on your iPad or iPhone. IOS 10.1.1 would start showing new suggestions and related words based on your typing data.

The users who wanted to delete or remove stock iPhone apps, are lucky enough. Yeah, after installing iOS 10.1.1 users would be able to uninstall iPhone apps such as Calculator, Calendar and many other stock apps.

Recently, Apple introduced iOS 10.1.1 for developers and public beta testers which could be out soon for public as final version and new features would attract jailbreak users too.

Yeah, it is still question that PanGu iOS 10.1.1 team got the exploit or not. It’s good time for TaiG too for new start with iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak.

Would you install iOS 10.1.1?

HideMeX Cydia Tweak Updated to iOS 10.1.1 for iPhone, iPad

HideMe Cydia Tweak for iPhone…

These days, the tweaks development has been stuck because absence of jailbreak iOS 10.1.1. However, we won’t stop because this and updating some good tweaks here.

HideMeX aka HideMe tweak adds some valuable customizable options which allows user to hide many things which is completely based on user’s choice.

HideMeX or HideMe is ultimate tool for iPhone that allows user to hide almost every unused items from App Switcher, Control Center, Notification Center, Dock Bar, Lock Screen, Home Screen and from Folders.

I missed a lot of other things which also can be hide using HideMe Cydia tweak. HideMeX is just an updated version of old tweak with bunch of new features.

You don’t like something on Status bar, you can hide those items using HideMe iPhone tweak. Isn’t it cool? I think so. Because, a lot of things which we don’t use, should be hidden and HideMeX allows them for us.

HideMeX is fully compatible with iOS 9 and available on BigBoss Cydia Source which is added by default on your iPhone if you’ve jailbroken device.

Once HideMe installed, you’re ready to hide almost anything from your iPad or iPhone. There is a settings menu which can further help you hiding items from various sections.

Take an example. Suppose, you don’t like game center which is located on Home Screen and you want to hide app which is related to games, you can easily use HideMe Cydia tweak.

Just head to HideMeX Settings menu and there you’d see all the apps listed one by one. You can hide any of those iPhone apps. So, this is how, you can hide iPhone apps from springboard.

In many ways, HideMeX can be a great Cydia app for iPhone or iPad if you’ve jailbreak device.

You can get it completely free, for that just leave comments…

AppiShare Pro: Download iPhone Paid Games for Free iOS 10.1.1

How to Download AppiShare iOS 10.1.1…

vShare Pro aka, both the apps are completely different with each other but somehow the developers of AppiShare has applied the title of their blog as vShare Pro rather than App i Share.

Is AppiShared is like vShared? Today, we’d discus all those questions and try to understand the benefits of AppiShare in wide definition.

Unlike other jailbreak apps, AppiShare works seamlessly without jailbreak. It doesn’t require jailbreaking or Cydia to get content from. And, they’ve their own certificate to sign various Cydia Apps to install without jailbreak.

Now, you’d have most probably one question, why we need AppiShare where there are countless similar jailbreak apps available that can be installed even without jailbreak? I’ve simple answer that most of those Cydia tweaks don’t work on recent firmware including vShare.

I’ve tested couple of AppiShare apps such as Minecraft, NBA 2k14 and many other which works like a charm. But, do you know one thing that AppVV had launched AppiShare because vShare not working.

Now when vShare has started to work properly, the developers have turned their focus from AppiShare to vShare Pro. So now, AppiShare not working from now.

They’ve posted clear message that they’d stop maintaining AppiShare from now. So, better to install native app rather than this one.

But wait, AppiShare can be fixed if it doesn’t work on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I’ve heard that couple of iPad models and even iPhone get message that don’t install AppiShare because vShare crash.

I’d say stop adverts or anything related to it on your device. You’d noticed that you’ve get rid from AppiShare not working screen.

You can make a comment if you’ve any objection…

Download iTransmission 4 Without Jailbreak | The Best Torrent Downloader for iPhone, iPad

iTransmission iOS 10.1.1 Download available for iPhone, iPad, Android

Look, the best torrent downloader is iTransmission and that’s without any doubt. I’m talking about the app which is capable to install on iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

Along with the support of iPhone, iTransmission 4 is now capable to download on iOS 10.1.1 without Cydia or jailbreak at all.

So, we decided to come on this topic again with the most recently updated iTransmission4 compatible with IOS 10.1.1 with brand new trick which works great and allows you to sideload iTransmission 4 on iPhone without jailbreak.

Now, you were thinking what is Sideload at all? You’ve heard about Apple AppStore, Jailbreak app store and now Sideload! Actually, the apps which are installed on your iPhone with no connection of AppStore are known as Sideload apps. iTransmission 4 is one of them.

The users who wanna download torrent client for iPhone or iPad and looking to download Torrent files should consider iTransmission without jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 because there isn’t latest version of Cydia or jbreak for iOS 10.1.1 right now.

Installing sideload apps is really a tough job because we need either the apps that have Apple enterprise certificate who provide these apps or need Xcode to sign iTransmission torrent client for iPhone for you.


Generally the first condition or requirement is, you must have Android or iOS device. If you’ve iPhone, iPad or any Samsung device, you can surly enjoy iTransmission app for iPhone for sure. Remaining requirements are as under…

  • If you’re gonna try Xcode, you must have Apple Developer account, Mac OS X to run Xcode and app signer utility to sign iTransmission deb file and of course deb package of iTransmission4 to install on iOS 10.1.1.
  • If you’ve jailbroken device, you need Cydia installer. Then, you can search iTransmission torrent client on Cydia app for your iPhone or iPad for free.
  • Yeah, you can download Mojo Installer without jailbreak to install iTransmission without jailbreak your iPhone.

Now, it depends on you which is the best way to download iTransmission on your iPhone or Android device. I’d suggest third one because it won’t ask you to use any computer or Windows or Mac OS in order to run iTransmission 4.

Mojo Installer iOS 10.1.1 is completely free iPhone app which can be installed on iPad too. And you feel any difficulty or have issues, you can make a comment below for further inquiry. Thanks.

Comments are open for the issues like iTransmission not working

Download iEmulator For iOS, Android, Install NDS, GBA, PSP iPhone Game Emulators

iEmulator download for iPhone without jailbreak for iPad, Android

I love iEmulator such as NDS4iOS, PPSSPP and specially GBA4iOS. I stopped Emu4iOS because it’s not working without jailbreak.

Yeah, you can also download iEmulator to install your favorite games and Roms using NDS, PSP, GBA games all the way without any need of jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 or no Cydia.

What’s your thought? Do you feel difficult to get them without jailbreak? Don’t think that, because iEmulator iOS 10.1.1 released that can help you download bunch of emulator for your iPhone, iPad and Android device to play unlimited games.

Within last three weeks, the developer of iEmulator has updated four main game emulator and apps which now you can install without jailbreak.

The user interface is also replaced and the new cool UI of iEmulator is cool enough. I’ve personally downloaded it from iEmulators website and installed the one game emulator which was updated recently, iNDS.

How to install iEmulator game emulators without jailbreak

If you’re one who wanna download GBA4iOS or few of your most wanted game emulator or even top paid apps such as Minecraft and iTransmission, Mame4iOS, then you can download iEmulator first for your iPhone or iPad.

I personally don’t know about the support for Android device, because I don’t have any Android device and I haven’t tried iEmulator Android software, so I can’t recommend or give any suggestion about that.

Yeah, you can download iEmulator iOS 10.1.1 without Cydia or jailbreak and it’s sure. You just need to manually, follow below steps…

  1. Connect yourself with WiFi, it’s best.
  2. Open Safari browser.
  3. The second thing is, go to iEmulator download website.
  4. Search the app and tap on install.
  5. You need to confirm and follow on screen instructions and once you done that, the game emulator would be start installing.
  6. Done

If you get error, or iEmulator not working at any stage, just leave few words about your issue regarding iEmulators website and we’d respond to you.

OnlineNotify Cydia Tweak: Notifies Online WhatsAPP Users for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

OnlineNotify WhatsAPP Cydia tweak for iPad, iPhone…

Most of the time, we miss the online friends on WhatsAPP and that’s way the important discussion misses most of the time.

We have to check online friends and relatives every half an hour or more frequently to chat with online users on WhatsAPP and it’s really irritating specially because most of the time we check online friends at wrong time.

After such hard work and frequent check out, we misses online friends. It’s really good if our device automatically check online WhatsAPP users and notifies us when any online friend available on the app.

If you’re thinking same, there is a Cydia tweak which is known as OnlineNotify and it keeps track of online users on WhatsAPP and as soon as any friend get online, the app would notify you via notification center.

  1. To get notification about online WhatsAPP users, you need to add them separately each of them to the group of trusted users.
  2. You may get notification when any of the contact member starts writing on WhatsAPP application either on iPhone or iPad and even on Android or Web application.
  3. The same way, when someone would read your message, OnlineNotify would give notification about it.
  4. OnlineNotify tweak can add online offline status to the next of each contact to see online or offline users on WhatsAPP.


There are few things which you should note down before making purchasing to OnlineNotify Cydia tweak…

  1. This tweak requires WiFi or internet access all the time to check online friends and notify you exact time when someone gets online.
  2. OnlineNotify is solely depends on your internet connection to work, because if your internet is not working well, this tweak would failed to notify you.
  3. OnlineNotify would check online users frequently and this frequently check out requires battery consumption. It’s possible that you face battery drain issues.
  4. Online Notify Cydia tweak doesn’t work with Watusi Cydia tweak.
  5. BigBoss is the Cydia Source from where you can make purchase.

• You need to enable the tweak and configure it from Settings page.

• OnlineNotify settings are in WhatsAPP Setting page.

Before making purchase, I would suggest to watch out any YouTube video to get exact idea about OnlineNotify WhatsAPP Cydia tweak for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can make a comment to know about OnlineNotify…

WhatsAPP Updates App for iPad Pro, iPad Mini with Better Encryption for iOS 10.1.1

Download WhatsAPP for iPhone, iPad

WhatsAPP has pushed an update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to add better encryption data. The new WhatsAPP iOS 10.1.1 is available for all the users.

Encrypted data is very good step by the company that would protect all the messages and videos that have been made by users using WhatsAPP.

After added encrypted data feature, the communication between WhatsAPP users would become more secure and private.

Now, when you make any call or send any text message using WhatsAPP, that message, call or photo would be reach only to the person on whom you’re sending. The whole conversation would be top secret after installing WhatsAPP on iPad or iPhone, the new update.

WhatsAPP, the most popular and one of the best messaging platforms world wide. After getting new update, more and more iPhone, iPad and Android users would install and use the new app for iPhone or on iPad.

If you’re also one of the user, don’t forget to update your messenger application to the new version. You’d get new encrypted data and more security features.

If you want further information or usage guide, just leave a comment…

Winterboard not working? Try Anemone Themes: The Best Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

Download Anemone Themes for iPhone, iPad

Always we should have some options or alternatives specially in jailbreak cases. While Winterboard not working on many cases, there is an alternative theme installer which is known as Anemone.

Anemone themes are so famous that every iPhone jailbreak lover would look into the window. If you’ve iOS 9.1 jailbreak, you can instantly hands on Anemone iOS 9.1 Cydia tweak that would gonna bring some cool themes to your iPad or iPhone.

Anemone Cydia tweak is developed because Winterboard iOS 9.1 not working well as expected. So, the users who are getting errors can try Anemone theme installer on their iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

So, if you’re also tired of fixing Winterboard iOS 9.1 and it still doesn’t work right way, you can instantly move to Anemone Cydia tweak. This theme installer is so incredible that it brings bunch of cool themes to your jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

You don’t need to download any Cydia themes separately if you’ve Anemone theme installer. And, it works on almost all firmware except non jailbreak iOS 10.1.1. So, if you wanna try Anemone jailbreak theme installer, you can look it on BigBoss repo.

This is the Cydia Source from where Anchor can be installed in couple of cents. But, yeah, you can try Anemone themes for free too. You can add HackYouriPhone repo which is not default source like BigBoss, but it can show you all the paid tweaks for free.

These two Cydia Sources have hosted Anemone themes and supported tweaks. So, add them or just push comments if you want any additional help.

Before going, I’d mention one more thing that after installation, Anemone needs configuration that can be customized from Settings app. You can enable Cydia Apps and choose any one Cydia theme for your iPhone or iPad.

Once it’s enabled and theme has been selected, it’s ready to decorate your device. Thanks.

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