Install OpenEmu: Download Nintendo 64, Sega, GBA4iOS, N64, Emu4iOS Without Jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 | iPad, iPhone

Download OpenEmu iOS 11.1.2 without Jailbreak for iPad, iPhone

Finally, OpenEmu update came for iPhone and iPad running on iOS 11.1.2. The best gaming console bundle app includes some best gaming emulators.

I’d add all those supported gaming consoles in the middle of the article. In short, GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS and Emu4iOS gaming emulators are supported.

According to the developers, new OpenEmu supports most popular 16 gaming emulators without jailbreak. Above 3 emulators are just trailer and full list is remain to come.

New version, 2.0 of OpenEmu is capable to run your favorite gaming emulators on the latest firmware. iOS 11.1.2 is perfect firmware for this app that allows all popular gaming consoles at once together with new features.

Those 16 best emulators contain PlayStation and Nintendo 64 which are quite popular and iPad, iPhone supported. Now, OpenEmu comes with brand new user interface for iOS 11.1.2.

We’ve hands on beta software of OpenEmu that supports GBA4iOS and Emu4iOS for iPhone and iPad and shortly the team would update Apple TV 4 gaming console also that would contain all of these gaming emulators for Apple TV 4.

After Nintendo DS 64 (NDS4iOS) and PlayStation, OpenEmu has Sega CD, Sony PSP (PPSSPP) and Sony PlayStation gaming console. So, now you can enjoy all your favorite gaming emulators at once on iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and all Apple devices.

According to the team of OpenEmu, it still supports Game Boy Advance emulator, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis along with Sony PlayStation and other emulators.

If you’ve Mac OS X, then make sure that you’ve upgraded it to the latest El Capitan OS X on your Mac in order to download OpenEmu and install on your Mac, because the older OS X users won’t be able to run or install latest version of this app.

However, there are some catches that can be applies to install OpenEmu on non supported devices such as some non supported band of TVs, Mac and iOS devices.

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