OnlineNotify Cydia Tweak: Notifies Online WhatsAPP Users for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

OnlineNotify WhatsAPP Cydia tweak for iPad, iPhone…

Most of the time, we miss the online friends on WhatsAPP and that’s way the important discussion misses most of the time.

We have to check online friends and relatives every half an hour or more frequently to chat with online users on WhatsAPP and it’s really irritating specially because most of the time we check online friends at wrong time.

After such hard work and frequent check out, we misses online friends. It’s really good if our device automatically check online WhatsAPP users and notifies us when any online friend available on the app.

If you’re thinking same, there is a Cydia tweak which is known as OnlineNotify and it keeps track of online users on WhatsAPP and as soon as any friend get online, the app would notify you via notification center.

  1. To get notification about online WhatsAPP users, you need to add them separately each of them to the group of trusted users.
  2. You may get notification when any of the contact member starts writing on WhatsAPP application either on iPhone or iPad and even on Android or Web application.
  3. The same way, when someone would read your message, OnlineNotify would give notification about it.
  4. OnlineNotify tweak can add online offline status to the next of each contact to see online or offline users on WhatsAPP.


There are few things which you should note down before making purchasing to OnlineNotify Cydia tweak…

  1. This tweak requires WiFi or internet access all the time to check online friends and notify you exact time when someone gets online.
  2. OnlineNotify is solely depends on your internet connection to work, because if your internet is not working well, this tweak would failed to notify you.
  3. OnlineNotify would check online users frequently and this frequently check out requires battery consumption. It’s possible that you face battery drain issues.
  4. Online Notify Cydia tweak doesn’t work with Watusi Cydia tweak.
  5. BigBoss is the Cydia Source from where you can make purchase.

• You need to enable the tweak and configure it from Settings page.

• OnlineNotify settings are in WhatsAPP Setting page.

Before making purchase, I would suggest to watch out any YouTube video to get exact idea about OnlineNotify WhatsAPP Cydia tweak for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can make a comment to know about OnlineNotify…

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  1. I’m regular user of WhatsAPP so I like OnlineNotify. But, I wanted to install WhatsAPP on iPad Pro and to do that after reading your article, i just searched about WhatsPad and I found that I can install that app without jailbreak using Extensify iPhone app.

    I did a further research and found that whatspad is already hosted their that can be installed without jailbreak. I really don’t know that OnlineNotify supports extensify or not, but now I can enjoy WhatsAPP on iPad using Extensify’s tweak.


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