How to Download MyWi iOS 10.2 Cydia Tweak for Free Compatible for iPhone, iPad for WiFi Usage

How to Download MyWi 8 iOS 10.2 Cydia Tweak for Free Compatible for iPhone, iPad for WiFi Usage

IntelliBorn repo source has released another fine release of MyWi, the best WiFi tethering Cydia tweak as beta version to public and updated the tweak to iOS 10.2 compatible iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and might be for Apple Watch.

iOS 10.2 and newer iDevices have an option to create personal WiFi hotspot which was not available before. Plus, couple of security features have been included into iOS 10.2.

Still users prefer MyWi as the best WiFi app, do you know why? MyWi9 brings numerous great features that includes Bluetooth tethering, WiFi tethering, MyWi OnDemand service, most complete stats and fully customization WiFi features.

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MyWi9 Features…

  • WiFi HotSpot: You can create secure WiFi hotspot to connect your Laptop or computer with that hotspot created from iPhone or iPad.
  • USB Tethering: IntelliBorn has added USB tethering to MyWi 8 tweak which can be used for free.
  • BlueTooth Tethering: MyWi iOS 10.2 is updated with Bluetooth tethering, but still it in beta stage and not enabled in the current version. However, it would be enabled within the next release.
  • MyWi OnDemand: This is the update, you would love for, which brings couple of interesting features to the floor. Your WiFi would be connect or disconnect when its not in use. This is how, you’re saving a lot of battery and WiFi data.

MyWi offers complete statistics which is completely great. All of these features are only for $19.99 for one time payment. All the future updates would be free for the users who have purchased it earlier. The old users would have to pay $4.99 additionally for MyWi OnDemand iOS 10.2 service.

If you wanna download MyWi for free, you would have to leave a comment requesting for free…


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  11. I’m a long-time and very happy MyWi customer so I’d really like to try the new version. And I’ll be glad to pay for it once it’s GA. Thanks!

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    1. i have my wifi demand 9 that does not work for 10.2 and i paid for upgrade after that realizing wrong version will you give me info to get this please.

  22. yes please let me get it, thank you 😊

  23. Is there a way to get MyWi without being jailbroken?
    Currently running an iphone 6 with IOS 8.4……the latest update from apple seems to be 10.2.1 but the jailbreak is still under construction and in BETA….can MyWi be installed without a jailbreak?

  24. Please help me get Mywi on my iphone 6s, It is the best app

  25. Mywi was the best app. I ever had hands down, both hands. I’m asking if you could please give me free wifi on mywi !!!

    Thanks guys and gals !

  26. I LOVE this app! Use it all the time. Are you working on a version that will work with 10.3?

  27. hey there…. Until I have $5 to upgrade my existing license, I’d like to get a functioning version for now. Please send for free if possible! I also happen to have purchased the original app if that makes a difference

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  61. I’m a registered MyWi user. I don’t mind paying for an upgrade, but the present version on Cydia doesn’t run on iOS 10.2. Can you help?

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  68. Also I have no problem with purchasing a new license but I don’t see any way to do that.

  69. Hello is it still possible to get a free copy of this? I purchased MyWi a very long time ago but my license cannot be downloaded. I have missed MyWi greatly and would like to use it again. Thanks in advance!

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  76. I too cannot install my paid listened with iOS. Server error. And it appears to search for MyWi 6 when I look for help.

  77. The developers Twitter account is @mariociabarra you can check for updates there.

  78. Mywi is NOT updated foe 10.2 as of 8-12-16.

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  85. I have purchased mywi for a eirlier jailbreak. When I install it on my 6s running 10.2 it say not compatible with this version of iOS and won’t download my license

    1. Me to!! Does anyone know why? It’s driving me crazy

    2. Hi, I have this same problem. Can you please help or get me the free version? Thanks

  86. I have purchased and downloaded MyWi 9. and it says that the package is officially purchased but it also says that your ios is not supported. I am using ios 10.2?


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  112. Justin Erik Herrera

    Would you be so kind as to give me mywi 10.2 for free? T-mobile is killing me with this 7gig cap on my plan and the only solution would be to change my now nonexistent unlimited everything else plan. Please help.

  113. Justin Erik Herrera

    Can you please give me mywi 10.2 for free? T-mobile is killing me with this 7gig cap on my plan and the only solution would be to change my now nonexistent unlimited everything else plan. Please help.

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  123. Thanks for MyWi for free for iPhone
    It actually works for couple of days
    I’m satisfied now
    thanks again

    1. Why don’t you install MyWi for iPhone rather than just trying?
      It’s one of the best WiFi tethering app that offers personal hotspot too.

  124. Nothing is for free anymore. MyWi ios 9 is out. It is $20. No On Demand Wifi for it yet,even though you can use it as a Wifi hotspot, but you have to be connected to a Wifi access point to do so. You can tether is to your iPhone via USB cable or bluetooth to your cellular plan, if your laptop/tablet has a bluetooth radio or USB port on it. Works well for me as I have an unlimited data plan on my iPhone 5. There is a FREE 3 day trial license you can use to evaluate it, without buying it to see if you like it. Click on the license to get the 3 day trial after downloading it. Don’t pay for it until you eval it.

    1. Ohh! that’s really annoying,
      Is there any repository address to get MyWi free for iPhone?

  125. Can i get it for free?

    1. I’m also searching the tweak, let me know if you get

  126. Used to have MyWi couple years ago.. Really miss it.
    How can I get it for free?

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  136. I installed TetherMe Cydia tweak which is known as MyWI alternative. Does it have same features as my wi?

  137. Is there cracked version of MyWi 8?

  138. can i request mywi9 thanks

    1. I think you should MyWi10.2 rather than MyWi9 because we’ve almost passed iOS 9 series and iOS 10.2 is gonna release soon. iDownloadBlog has predicted that the first beta of iOS 10.2 would appear soon.

  139. hey there…. Until I have $5 to upgrade my existing license, I’d like to get a functioning version for now. Please send for free if possible!

  140. Is mywi still free? Please send, Thanks!!

  141. Can I get MyWi8 for free?

    1. You should try MyWi9 for iPhone running iOS 10.2 firmware

  142. Let me get mywi 8 free please!

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