Download MegaBox HD Without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad, Android With iOS 10.2

MegaBox not working without jailbreak? Let’s fix it

Many users had download MegaBox for iPhone running on iOS 10.2, but MegaBox not working on certain firmware update and specially beta version of IOS 10.2.

But, now when we’ve iOS 10.2 stable version, we can have hands on MegaBox HD iOS 10.2 compatible app on the firmware without jailbreak and it’s working just fine on new stable firmware.

You may have downloaded many great apps such as MovieBox, BigMovieU, CinemaBox and Popcorn Time and it may not working without jailbreak any more after updating to new firmware.

If you’re facing above situations, you should move your head to MegaBox Cydia tweak if you’ve jailbreak which can be downloaded easily from Cydia AppStore. While another version is available for non jailbreak devices running on iOS 10.2 which can be installed without jailbreak.

MegaBox is great application that’s available for wide range of operating systems. If you’ve Android device, Windows Phone operating or PC, you can install MegaBox HD seamlessly without any issue.

The team of developers of MegaBox updates dedicated version for Windows, Mac OS X and Android as well as iOS too. Users installing this great streaming app on Mac, Android or iPad Pro, iPad Mini or iPhone.

So, if you love to watch online movie or your favorite TV serial, Mega Box can be a great software or application for you to install on your PC or Smartphone for free and on the go.

There are certain alternatives you can try for MegaBox such as PlayBox, ShowBox and MovieBox, but the app mentioned above is something different and has more features than PlayBox and ShowBox. Somehow, you can look for MovieBox which has some premium class features for Android and iOS device.

The Best thing is, MegaBox comes with HD version which gives great quality of picture and live movie, however, it consumes huge amount of data usage, but if you’ve unlimited internet access, you can easily afford that.

How to Download MegaBox iOS 10.2 for iPhone

There are bunch of applications available for installing free software. You can try any of these applications for MegaBox download. As, this app is completely free, you don’t need to pay anything to watch live cricket or movie on the go.

  1. Try access on your iPhone or iPad using Safari
  2. Once the page completely loaded up, the website would ask you to install software, if you don’t wanna install the software, you can avoid it and tap on search box located on the top of vShare website.
  3. Now the next step is, you need to search MegaBox. For that you may type the full name of app with HD version or just type few alphabets to search the application for iPhone.
  4. Once you got the result, you can download MegaBox and install on your device hard drive.
  5. Reboot and it’s ready for you to serve live content on the go by your choice.

How to Install MegaBox Android Version

It’s quite simple to download MegaBox on Android OS specially because Android comes with Google Play Store.

You just need to access Google Play Store officially provided on each Android system, and use search feature to find out MegaBox HD version to install on Android.

You’d get all your favorite apps related to MegaBox keyword, download and install after signup to Google account.

That’s it.

If you’ve Mac or PC, you can search on Apple AppStore to search or if you’ve Windows you can use Google to find out your favorite software.

If you’ve any query or facing error, you can comment us…

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