Lucky Patcher Released for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

In App Purchases Hack Using Lucky Patcher…

We mostly write about Cydia and the tweaks which genuine extend features rather than any tweak or jailbreak apps that hack in app purchases any way.

But recently, we found that there are couple of APK that hacks in app purchases in Android devices without Cydia tweaks because Android can’t install Cydia at all.

For information purpose, we decided to write about Lucky patcher which is APK for Android that hack in app purchases whether it is Pokemon Go or Clash of clan. So, Lucky Patcher is not for iOS 10.2 devices and it works great on Android platform.

The developer is looking to launch Lucky Patcher iOS 10.2, but it would need Cydia and jailbreak to make it work on latest firmware which is not so easy and possible.

While on iOS, there were a lot of Cydia tweaks were available for the iPhone to hack in app purchases. For getting free in app purchases, iPhone users were rally on Cydia and jailbreak where some Cydia tweaks were working great to hack in app purchases.

This trend has extended to Android devices too. A well known Lucky Patcher tweak hack is used for in app purchases hack and it’s without Cydia installer.

The users just need to download Lucky Patcher to get in app purchases for Android device and it works without any root or jailbreak.

The tweak has been hosted on dedicated website from where users can download and install it for free. If you’ve iPhone or iPad, you can use iAPCrazy or iAP Cracker for iOS.

Yeah, you can ask for any query if you’ve questions or confusion…


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  1. I’ve never thought that Lucky patcher would work like this. I’ve android smartphone powered by Google Play store and always wanted to download free games. Later on, google play has introduced in app purchases and fortunately I found Lucky Patcher app that enables free in app purchases on my Android smartphone.

    Now, I’m thinking to purchase iPhone 7 but before that I wanna make sure that LuckyPatcher is working or not on iOS 10.3.1 because if it’s not available for iOS, then there is no point to purchase iPhone 7 Powered by iOS platform because I want free in app purchases Cydia tweaks on my iPHone 7 and I think Lucky Patcher iOS tweak is best for iOS and of course for Android too.

    Anybody else using this tweak on their iOS 10.3.1 or on Android smartphone?

  2. I wanna hack world of tanks blitz plz help?

  3. Any other way to download it cuz I have iOS 10.0.3 and I don’t have a laptop to download it

  4. I want lucky patcher

    1. You must have iPhone, iPad or Android based device to download Lucky Patcher. Suppose, you want to run it on iPhone, you can jailbreak using PanGu or any other tools, and then you can install Lucky Patcher iOS tweak for sure.

  5. I want lucky patcher

    1. Do you want Lucky Patcher iOS app?

  6. How to get free in app purchases??

    1. Lucky Patcher is known as best in app purchase free app for Android, you can try your luck as author said on iPhone or iPad running iOS 10.2 because without jailbreak I don’t thing that this app would gonna work. But, if you’re on iOS 10.2, I would suggest to download Lucky Patcher from developer site directly because the updated version would be available for new firmware if iOS 10.2 is supported. As far as Android smartphone is concern, you can easily found Lucky Patcher apk anywhere from web.
      If there is anything that I can help, please let me know.

  7. I want in app purchases Cydia tweak. Is there any available for my iPad which runs on iOS 9.1 or I should upgrade it to iOS 10.2 for lucky patcher. Please advice.

  8. Good, I’m iPhone user and want to see jailbreak all the time on my device. Cydia is just like fun for me. And without it’s tweaks my iPhone looks waste.

    I have used a list of in app purchase tweaks that includes some Cydia tweaks as well. After reading your article, I’m curious to try Lucky patcher iOS 10.2 on my iPhone.

    Since, you’re claiming to hack in app purchases without any Cydia tweak and Lucky patcher is for non jailbreak device, it’s really fun part to test it.

    I don’t have android device and never want to test it for any kind of in app purchases. Thanks anyway.

    1. Does lucky patcher work on Pokemon Go iOS 10.2? I mean, I haven’t jailbroken device and yet I wanna try Pokemon go in app purchases using Lucky patcher, but afraid about compatibility.

      Please help..

      1. @T. Allen
        iOS 10.2 isn’t officially aired by now. Only some Beta and they don’t have a jailbreak..
        Lucky Patcher works great on Android. Haven’t paid a single cent for In-App Purchases on all Games and most Applications including Pokemon Go.
        There are alternatives for iOS, they work nicely with most apps i’ve installed.
        otherwise.. there is always a walk-around

        Lucky Patcher is not available yet for iOS as far i know. There are plenty alternatives for a jailbroken device. Do some Googling or check reddit (costs you 1 minute of your Time).

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