LocaliAPFree iOS 11.1.2: How to Install LocaliAPStore on iPhone, iPad

LocaliAPFree iOS 11.1.2: How to Install LocaliAPStore on iPhone, iPad

If you have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and installed a game or app that has some specially designed features for that particular app known as premium feature or “In-app” which is normally paid stuff.

  • LocaliAPStore Alternatives: iAPCracker, iAPFree and iAPCrazy can be installed as alternative to LocaliAPStore.

In more brief view, suppose you have installed a free game from Apple store or iTunes that has only two stage. After two stage you wanna play more stage which are blocked and only can be unlocked if you purchased that item. It is known as In-app purchases.

Normally, these are the features which cost you around $1 or $0.50 per item, so, normally, we can purchase them. However, there are a lot of users who wanna get these in-app purchases for free to just test it.

A Cydia tweak available on App Store that allows jailbreak user to get free in-app purchase known as “LocaliAPStore”.  But, there is a catch. LocaliAPStore iOS 11.1.2 is Cydia tweak that can be installed only on jailbroken iDevice. If you haven’t any jailbroken iDevice, you can’t test it.

LocaliAPStore Cydia tweak allows user to install free in-app purchases without paying anything. This is one of the best way to get paid in-app purchases for free on iPhone or iPad.

  • You need jailbroken iPad or iPhone
  • Cydia must be installed there on your iPhone or iPad

Additionally, to run LocaliAPStore on your iPhone or iPad, you must install a plugin that install unsigned iPAs known as AppSync. These both jailbreak apps are free and available on Cydia store on popular repositories. You just need to add those repo sources and download these tweaks on your iPhone or iPad.

I’m sure, you have installed AppSync, so, go ahead and add below repository to add another repo source to install LocaliAPStore.

Local iAP Store Repo Source: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

You should complete online instruction to add that repository and once you get it, search “LocaliAPStore” and install it.

Note: Don’t forget to reboot your iPhone. If you’re using iPad then reboot it too.

Look, its tricky part to use LocaliAPStore on your iPhone and really hard to mention all the steps here. If you feel hard or confusing, comment below to clear your confusion…

How to Get Free In-App Purchases Free Using Cydia iAP Cracker

How to Get Free In-App Purchases Free Using Cydia iAP Cracker

This year’s In-app purchase revenue would be double comparing to last year as per sources. The large number of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users prefer to purchase these in-app applications rather than cracking them.

And, it is not good idea to crack them, however, there are couple of users exist out there with jailbroken device who can leverage their jailbroken device to get free in-app purchases. Do you wanna know, how they do it?

The first thing, you should have jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Cydia installed. Cydia installer is must because, you’d need to install couple of jailbreak hacks that would crack in-app purchase.

Lets see couple of free in-app purchase cracker…

1. iAP Cracker: This is well known Cydia hack that has been used by large number of jailbreak users. As per them, iAPCracker is the easiest tool to hack these in-app purchases. You can easily crack these apps. iAP Cracker is the most active tool that gets update too frequently.

2. iAPFree: Do you’ve heard about iAPFree? Its the second most used in-app purchase cracker. You won’t believe us that 30% of the jailbreak users use iAPFree as their primary tool to get free in app purchases.

3. LocaliAPStore: This was updated during iOS 7 and iOS 8. This is the app which has large number of game hacks which helps it to get free in app purchases. LocaliAPFree is also the same app.

4. iAPCrazy: This is also in use to get free in-app purchases. iAP Crazy is just the same Cydia tweak which we’ve mentioned in above two Cydia apps.

Note: All of above tweaks need AppSync Unified app. We’ve covered all the apps mentioned here. You can read them to get more info about each app.

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Top 5 Best Jailbreak Games, Cydia Hacks for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air for iOS 11.1.2

Top 5 Best Jailbreak Games, Cydia Hacks for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air for iOS 11.1.2

iOS 11.1.2 has been released by Apple with iWatch, Apple Pay support. Finally, the game developers have started upgrading their games according to iOS 11.1.2 firmware.

The large number of iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch users love Clash of clan, Hay Day and Candy Crush games and always I found them searching Cydia hacks for those games.

Jailbreak games is the opportunity to get some of the points or stage for free using these jailbreak game hacks. I was never in favor of piracy or jailbreak games. But, I noticed limitless users trying Cydia hacks to get free games and in-app purchases.

Below are couple of Cydia hacks available which can be used to get free jailbreak games…

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iAP Cracker: Its a well known Cydia game hack that allows user to install free in-app purchase. This is the best jailbreak game tool to get some free stuff for your games. Below are couple of more jailbreak game hacks listed…

  • iAPFree
  • iAPCrazy
  • LocaliAPStore
  • iModGames

Top Jailbreak Game Hacks

Below are the list of games that can be used on iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone to get jailbreak hacks…

  • Candy Crush
  • Clash of Clan Hack
  • Hay Day
  • Mario
  • Monument Valley

How to Install iAPFree on iOS 11.1.2 and Use to get Free In-app Purchases

How to Install iAPFree on iOS 11.1.2 and Use to get Free In-app Purchases – iAPFree and it’s core plugin supports a list of apps and games that have in-app purchases. The easiest way to get free in-app purchases.

Nowadays, Cydia users have found a new way to exploit jailbreak. Actually, there are couple of iAP hacks available on Cydia store that allows user to install in-app purchases for free. These in app purchases cost $1 to $5 for a single in-app. And, most of these in app purchases are paid which are only available for install in particular apps or games.

Most of the game lovers use Cydia hacks to get them free. Today, we’re on the way about iAPFree iOS 11.1.2 which is also similar in app purchase cracker. The interested user must have jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

There are two important part of iAPFree Cydia tweak. You need to install it, if you have jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And, the second thing is usage. Both of these parts are little bit tricky whether you’re trying iAP Free, iAP Cracker or iAPCrazy.

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All of these Cydia hacks have their own database of supported games and apps, however the process and tricks is same in all of these hacks to convert paid to free In-app purchases. iAPFree is located in HackYouriPhone repo which is most active repository at the current jailbreak.

If you’re thinking that using iAPFree iOS 11.1.2, you would get Clash of clan hacks or Candy Crush in-app purchases for free, then you may be wrong. There are countless apps and games available on app store that communicate with Apple server to verify receipt of the purchase. These apps are known as server based in-app purchases and can’t be get free using iAPFree or iAP Cracker repo source.

Anyways, there are several Cydia sources available from where you can install iAPFree. I’m gonna list up the top sources that can be used.

  • http://repo.hackyouriphone.org
  • http://repo.biteyourapple.net

One thing is important to install this tweak is AppSync. You would find this app from HYI or AngelxWind repo that contains working AppSync Unified iOS 11.1.2 available on their repo.

Install AppSync repo first to install iAP Free tweak. If you get stuck anywhere, we’re always here to respond comments…

iAP Cracker iOS 11.1.2: How to Install and Use iAPCracker for iPad, iPhone

iAP Cracker iOS 11.1.2: How to Install and Use iAPCracker for iPad, iPhone

Have you tried any Apple app store apps or games. I mostly played iPhone games and found some add-on type extra powers that can be achieved only by purchasing them. These premium features are known as “In App” purchase.

Mostly all in-app purchases are either paid or can be installed only when you get some points. But, normally most of the in-app purchases are paid.

But here too, there are couple of jailbreak users who have found out the solution. They are using iAP Cracker Cydia tweak.

To get better idea, I followed their way and find out something which is really interesting. Lets see what happened.

1. So, the first thing was jailbreaking. I had jailbroken iPhone using TaiG iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak released by them recently. So, I was easy to get ready for next step. (The next step was installing AppSync Unified app and adding repo source for iAP Cracker)

iAP Cracker List of Alternatives: LocaliAPStore, iAPCrazy and iAPFree

2. After jailbreaking, my goal was installing appsync that supports iAP Cracker to install unsigned in-app purchase. I opened search engine on my iPhone and searched official AppSync Unified version. I found this repo which was really official.

3. The third step was adding iAP Cracker repo source. So, I searched again and I found below repository address…


I simply added above repo source to the Cydia repository directory and then tapped on Search link. I typed “iAP Cracker” and found out latest version. I installed it and simply restarted as per instructions.


I tried several apps and games that had combination of free and paid in-app purchases and most of the time, I was able to get either points or unlock newer stage.

Quick Review

I also find out that server based games and apps can’t be hacked. Those apps or games communicate with online server and verify your purchased receipt, so you can’t get them free.

Few of them were Clash of clan, Hay day and Candy Crush. I heard some new names too such as iAPFree, iAPCrazy and LocaliAPStore and I’m gonna try them too.

Do you have tried such in-app purchase cracker? Share your comments…

How to Use iAPCrazy iOS 11.1.2: Get Free In-app Purchases

How to Use iAPCrazy iOS 11.1.2: Get Free In-app Purchases

App Store contains thousands or even more than thousands games and applications available for iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone. And, those apps contains more than million in-app purchases available.

Most of these premium in-app purchases are paid and only can be added once you purchase them. There were iAP Cracker, iAPFree and LocaliAPStore Cydia hacks which were effective to get free in-app purchases. However, in some of the games such as Clash of Clan, Candy Crush can’t be free even using above listed tweaks.

Then a new iAP hack known as iAPCrazy aka iAP Crazy introduced by HackYouriPhone repository that is still effective on Clash of Clan hack and other popular games from appstore.

How to Install iAPCrazy iOS 11.1.2

Look, if you don’t have jailbroken iDevice, forget to get free in-app purchases. Like any other Cydia tweaks, iAP Crazy also requires jailbreaking and Cydia.

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So, you have jailbroken iDevice, right? Okay then, you’re on the right way to get iAPhack installed on your iDevice. Just launch Cydia and add below repository in your source list.

Include this repository: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

Once the above repository has been added to repos, you’re ready to search iAP Crazy iOS 11.1.2.

Note: Remember, don’t forget to look “AppSync Unified” Cydia tweak in your iDevice. If it exist, proceed to get free in-app purchases for free otherwise, install AppSync iOS 11.1.2 first.

iAPCrazy Alternatives: There are many iAP Hacks available such as iAPFree, LocaliAPStore and iAP Cracker. You can take these as alternatives.

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