LinkTunes: Download Songs, Videos From iTunes Store Directly

LinkTunes iOS 10.2 allows users to download their favorite iTunes Store content directly on their iPhone, iPad…

If you like any video or audio song on iTunes store and you don’t have credit to purchase it, LinkTunes would allow you to download and play those songs directly on your iPhone music app or video app.

Yeah, LinkTunes Cydia tweak is developed such way that downloads music, videos directly from iTunes Store and it’s completely free. You won’t pay any panny or dollar in order to purchase those songs.

LinkTunes has been upgraded to iOS 10.2 and you can install it on your iPhone or iPad using PanGu jailbreak and Cydia installer. Users having Cydia iOS 10.2 on their device, would have to add Cydia Source to it in order to install LinkTunes without any issue.

LinkTunes is unique app that works like iTunes store and downloads the songs, videos and all the contents listed on iTunes store without computer or Mac OS X. You just need to install LinkTunes and all the supported Cydia tweaks, that’s it.

LinkTunes Without Jailbreak

How to Download Songs from iTunes Store using LinkStore

So, you’ve decided to download songs or your favorite videos from iTunes Store without having computer or without paying anything, okay. LinkTunes promises to allow downloads. Follow the steps you’d have Link Tunes Cydia tweak on your iPhone to get it.

  1. You know that Without jailbreak, you or anyone else won’t able to run Cydia installer. Fortunately, there is PanGu. It’s available for MacOS Sierra, WIndows 10.2 and Linux. Use PanGu tool to jailbreak and install LinkTunes.
  2. Cydia installer is unique app that has some great Cydia apps, but it requires adding Cydia sources to it. Add HackYouriPhone repo source.
  3. Now, search LinkTunes iOS 10.2 tweak if you’re using latest jailbreak or you can search just LinkTunes to download and install regular tweak for any firmware you want.
  4. Install it and that’s it. You’ve done your job. Now, after installing this tweak, you need following jailbreak apps to install on your iPhone.
  5. AppSync Unified, Bridge Cydia tweak. In which AppSync iOS 10.2 is must have Cydia tweak for all the users who are using iPhone to install apps, tweaks or downloading songs or videos using LinkTUnes or LinkStore.


Now, you can open LinkTunes and search your favorite songs or videos and download them on your iPhone from iTunes Store without having computer or laptop or iPad.

If you need to know anything regarding installation or download process, just leave comments…


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  1. It works like a charm. I got full working games using Linktunes, thanks

  2. Does Linktunes iOS 10.2 work? I want to use it but it’s not working. I didn’t installed AppSyncUnified with this tweak. Please suggest right steps.

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