KStore App Download for iPhone, Enables Free Apps, Games

KStore Cydia tweak, ready for installing paid apps completely free on iPhone, iPad…

Guys, you’d be more than happy to see jailbreak iOS 10.2 which is released by PanGu after very long time. Many tweaks, apps have been updated on Cydia App Store.

Finally after a long decade, there has been an alternative came for LinkStore which is known as KStore tweak. You can found details about KStore alternatives in this article with few download options.

So, you’re ready to download paid apps free or charge and you also know that none of the tweaks is better than KStore. This app only requires jailbreak and AppSync. If you’ve these both things on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily install many great paid apps from iPhone App Store completely free of charge.

Users using KStore don’t need to search and download separate iPA Installer or iPA Files for any paid apps, but KStore Cydia app shows the most successful full version of the app or game by tapping on “K” button. Actually, K button is stands for K Store Cydia tweak.

Now, the main part comes. The main drawback of this tweak is, it’s paid itself and requires you to pay around $9.99 from Cydia Store. However, if you’d use the Cydia Source which is known as HackYouriPhone, you can download K Store for free. Why lose money to install free apps?

One more thing, KStore named iPhone app is available on Apple App Store which sales trees and other products which is completely different than this tweak, so please be careful from that AppStore iPhone app.

If you wanna download K Store iPhone store, you can follow below steps.Do following two things first before downloading K Store on your iPhone…

  1. First you need jailbreak device, there are no multiple options available for this. You can either use PanGu jailbreak or PPHelper which are not two tools but both are the same Semi-tether jailbreak iOS 10.2 tool available for iPhone and iPad 64- bit devices.
  2. Another most important thing which you must download in order to make K Store work properly is, AppSync. You can use AppSync Unified iOS 10.2 version if you wanna use KStore latest version.

Now you’re ready to download KStore for iPhone.

  1. First enable WiFi and open Cydia.
  2. Cydia app would allow you to add HackYouriPhone repo if you want to install free version of this app. If you wanna pay full amount to the developer, you can purchase $9.99 for an update for iPhone.
  3. If you wanna install free K Store app, you need to add HackYouriPhone repo. Once, it has been added, you can search or explore that repo source for KStore.
  4. Install K Store Cydia tweak on your iPhone.
  5. Reboot.

Before opening App Store, make sure that you’ve enabled AppSync and KStore tweak from settings app.

If still KStore not working, you can comment below…


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  1. Doe’s K Store work on Android or Apple TV? I’m searching one for my Sony TV which is based on Android. Actually, I want to install some free apps to access Google drive content using KStore Cydia tweak. But, I’m not sure whether it would install on Android or not!

    1. KStore download is only available for iPhone or iPad that can be jailbroken and install Cydia. Then, you can run K Store tweak easily. However, it’s depend on compatibility too.

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