iTransmission iOS 10.2: iPhone Can Download Torrent Apps

iTransmission iOS 10.2: iPhone Can Download Torrent Apps

If you’ve heard about iPhone Torrent download without jailbreak, then you heard absolutely correct news. Recently, Apple released iOS 10.2 and iOS 10.2 beta which has some great change that allows a few jailbreak apps to work without jailbreak on iPhone, iPad.

This was discovered firstly, when we published a tutorial about MovieBox that it can be installed and can be used without jailbreak and it was working without any issue. It was proved. Later on, we published the same thing about PlayBox and now, we’ve brought another jailbreak app which is known as iTransmission, a Torrent Download iPhone Client that works without jailbreak on iPhone or any iPad device.

It may be possible that you were wondering how iPhone can download Torrent files! Yeah, You just need to download iTransmission iPhone app and install it. That’s it.

For Jailbroken iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air

  1. Using jailbroken device, open Cydia.
  2. You need to search “iTransmission” app on Cydia, so tap on Search and type the key word.
  3. Tap the installer and install iTransmission Cydia tweak.
  4. Reboot your iPhone or iPad
  5. Done

On jailbroken device, you can install another Cydia tweak for Safari Torrent Downloader Plugin from Cydia. Both of the above Cydia tweaks available on ModMyi repo source.

For Non-jailbreak device

  1. Open Safari web browser.
  2. Head to
  3. Find out iTransmission app from apps section.
  4. Tap on the app and tap on Install
  5. Follow on screen notification and complete installation.
  6. Done

Comments are open, you can ask anything, if you’ve any problem…


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  1. This page has the largest collection of incompetent morons I’ve ever seen assembled in one place. Pathetically hilarious… It’s like watching a group of retarded kids bang their heads into a door. So sad, yet so funny to watch.

  2. Hi. Could not install Itransmission 4.6. Have tried changing the time. Once I do, not able to open iemulators website in Safari. It’s says connection error and says about time settings. Have Iphone 6s 10.2 Version. Please advice.
    Mail Id:

    1. Same for me with iphone 7 ios 10.0.3

  3. iTransmission iOS 10.2 has great updates and it integrates many hidden features to download torrent files on iPhone. Users can update directly from installed app or if iTransmission not working on iOS 10.2, they can freshly install it from the developer site.

  4. Please update iTransmission iOS 10.2 without jailbreak please

    1. Guilherme Zagonel

      Why don’t you download Mojo Installer app. I’ve seen iTransmission iOS 10.2 package live there. You can simply download the app and run the installer, that’s it. It’s really easy. Mojo can add Cydia sources where you can create your own repository and upload working iTransmission app for iPhone too.

      1. tried but not working. tried that date trick too..but not working ((((

  5. If you are iOS 10.2 then yoou install I transmission then put it to 2012 then when it installs then put it back to present date

    1. You mean date trick? I read many blog that date trick is stopped working! Now there is new app called mojo installer which claims that it can install iTransmission 4 without jailbreak. But, I haven’t seen any video or tutorial demonstrating iTransmission installation on iPhone without jailbreak. Doe’s it work these days?

  6. never seen a greater gathering of complete idiots


    1. iTransmission works almost on every device whether you have iPhone or Android, iOS 10.2 or windows 10.2. On which firmware, you’re trying?

      1. It does not install it keeps saying failed retry downloading

  8. Can’t install it on my iPhone 6s Running iOS 10.2

    1. Why don’t you try Extensify, which can download and install iTransmission iOS 10.2 for free even without jailbreak.

    2. I’ve just tested it on my iOS 10.2, so you’re making any mistake or you may have used wrong installer

  9. Hi i downloaded iTransmission on my iOS 10.2 and its working perfectly but can anyone plz tell me how to download subtitles after downloading a movie on iTransmission. Thanx ????

    1. kase hua yar download

    2. If you’ve successfully installed iTransmission or Bittorrent client, you should enjoy it, because at most cases it’s not working without jailbreak and You’re saying that you’re on iOS 10.2
      YOu’re lucky guy

    3. Yeah, you’re really luck as Alex said. ITransmission needs jailbreak and you’re claiming that this app has been installed on your iPhone running on iOS 10.2, it’s really great.

    4. How do you installed on iOS 10.2? In today date, everybody is telling that iTransmission not working and you’re saying something strange. Can you download anything from it?

    5. How u download itransmission in iOS 10.2? Please tell me mail the procedure

    6. Hey plz tell me how to do it???

    7. Itransmission kese download kia?

  10. I updated to iOS 10.2 but it still doesn’t get installed
    It gives a pop up notification tht the app cannot be installed at this time.

  11. OMG!!! This doesn’t work for iOS 9.2
    Please update the version if possible

    1. Hey, I just tried on iOS 10.2 and it works
      which iDevice you have?

      1. I updated to iOS 10.2 but it still doesn’t get installed
        It gives a pop up notification tht the app cannot be installed at this time

  12. need itransmission iOS 9.2
    is there any for compatible version?

  13. Cannot download files from itransmission. I use 10.2 it doesnt work in 10.2

    1. how to download iphone client

    2. Do you’ve tried the app in iOS 10.2?

  14. Is it iPHone torrent downloader client?

  15. How to download torrent apps with iTransmission? I’m looking the best torrent downloader

  16. I followed same steps to install iTransmission iPhone app, but when I tried to open iemulators website, it gives me error.
    I think there is heavy rush to install torrent client on iPhone or iPad.
    Please give me another iTransmission alternative

  17. The ONLY reason I decided to finally jb was because I read itransmission worked. But, it does not. Please update with correct info.

    1. then,what happened?
      itransmission works fine?

      1. It doesn’t work fine.

        1. Are you trying alternatives?

          1. What alternatives are there? I simply need a working torrent client for the most recent jailbreak. ITransmission worked perfectly on the previous jailbreak.

            1. You can use vshare to download itransmission on iOS 10.2 even without jailbreak, so why you want jailbreak

              1. Ok. You’re not getting the point. Itransmission is not working.

  18. iOS 10.2 jb – shuts down in 1sec after open – no work

  19. non jailbreak dosen’t work.
    wrong news

    1. Try on iOS 10.2 jailbreak

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