iTongPush English: TongBu Alternatives Are Available in English Language for iOS 11.1.2

iTongPush English: TongBu Alternatives Are Available in English Language for iOS 11.1.2

iTongPush is developed by TongBu team. Unlike 25PP and Kuaiyong, iTongPush is available in English language version and it can be installed using TongBu.

You can install iTongPush three ways…

  1. Using iTunes, search iTongPush.iPA
  2. Using TongBu (Available in English Version)
  3. iFunBox, you can install iTongPush iPhone app using iFunBox too.

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Many users have reported that iTongPush and TongBu iPhone apps can be installed without jailbreak and work without help of Cydia. You can install iPA files without jailbreak on your iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone.

It doesn’t require AppSync until you don’t try to install unsigned iPA. If you’re searching and installing apps, games or any iPA files that have been published on iTunes or Apple app Store or it is signed.

So, if you’re planning to install cracked iPA files, you still need jailbreak, cydia and AppSync. Simply, avoid installing unsigned apps using iTongPush or using TongBu app. You don’t need jailbreak.


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  1. TongBu and iTongPush both the apps are gone for a long because they’re not useful without jailbreak and since we don’t have jb you need to wait for iOS 11.1.2 now.

    Simply, use Mojo Installer or iOSEmus for new and updated games without jailbreak.

  2. @iKabir:disqus You mean it works without appsync? Suppose, your answer is yes, then it means that its possible to create another tweaks that can work without appsync. This is how we can get rid of appsync

    1. @rob westerling : yes and now it’s working on my iPhone iOS 11.1.2 too and perfectly. But there is a catch I have to manually fix the tongbu apps each time I reboot my device. But that’s ok I guess..

  3. What is iTongPush and how to use TongBu Cydia tweak?

  4. Tongbu was chinese app and i have never seen english version for it. iTongPush available in english version but its not so effective
    Can somebody provide me TongBu english version?


    1. What are the requirement to install this iPhone app iTong?
    You need iDevice, that’s it. Its available for free.

    2. Does iTongPush or iTong need jailbreak?
    No. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It works without jailbreak. Don’t try to install unsigned apps or games. Search on TongBU for App store apps or games and install them. You don’t need to jailbreak.

    3. I don’t have Cydia on my iOS 11.1.2, Can i install TongBu?
    Yes. I have answered your question in the second topic. iTongPush can be installed using TongBu Mac or windows compatible app.

    4. Please suggest Alternative to TongBU.
    There are numerous alternatives to iTong and iTongPush. AppAddict, AppCake, vShare, 25PP and Kuaiyong.

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