iRealSMS BiteSMS Alternative Cydia Tweak updated with New Features

iRealSMS BiteSMS Alternative Cydia Tweak updated with New Features

The developer, SprintofLogic, introduced a most requested feature on the table. They have came up with Quick Reply feature for iRealSMS which is being considered as alternative to BiteSMS Messaging app.

Due to lack of updates on BiteSMS, the users who love that app are converting to iRealSMS iPhone app. iReal SMS has similar features and functions as BiteSMS.

As per sources, the upcoming update of iRealSMS would have Quick Reply and other useful features such as Quick Send, Forward by Mail and password lock. These features are not able to keep it’s alternative behind, however make iRealSMS Cydia tweak more reliable.

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iRealSMS developers have their forum and official forum, however, the users and staff are inactive and thus there are no quick updates available for the upcoming firmware. As per iRealSMS, they have less number of active members in Developer team.

Two most important things are worst, Price and Updates. Price is too high. They have cost up iRealSMS at $8.99 (Which was previously $13) and updates are available for new firmwares on time.

If you’re gonna purchase iRealSMS, then I would recommend you to take a look at BiteSMS iOS 10.2 which has more features and one of the best messaging app on Cydia store for iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Which is your favorite messaging app, iRealSMS or BiteSMS?


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  1. I am looking to forward messages from an iPhone to another (not Apple) cell phone without jailbreaking the iPhone. Possible?

    1. Yeah, you can download and install Extensify. This is the app that can install Cydia tweaks and it’s without jailbreak. You can add any Cydia hack to your iPhone or iPad.
      Try it.

  2. Christian Mancilla

    Why you don’t try iMessage itself. It also has quick reply option in iOS 10.2. Its highly updated comparing to iRealSMS and BiteSMS which are completely out dated and not available for iOS 10.2

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