iPhone 6SE Release Date: iPhone 6 SE Plus and iPhone6 SE Price

iPhone 6SE is known as iPhone 7 alternative…

iPhone6 SE devices have been appeared online which claims to have iPhone 6SE release instead of iPhone 7 which is gonna release next month or so on.

iPhone 6SE packaging photos look original and it looks like iPhone 6 SE is really in the development for the upcoming release. iPhone 6SE 2016 can be just a rumor too.

However, the user who have uploaded these iPhone 6 SE photos have agreed to confirm that he has received these photos from other users and he also not believes that Apple would use iPhone 6SE name for the upcoming iPhone 7 release.

On the rear part of the box shows various texts such as iPhone6 SE and iPhone which look photoshopped cleverly. This shows that iPhone 6SE is nothing but it’s clone of iPhone 7 with the name of iPhone6 SE as trade mark.

Additionally, the maker has used A1758 model number and 2016 year as copyright at the end to make it clear new model. It seems like the Chinese makers have took a great care while packaging iPhone 6SE.

Meanwhile other photos of iPhone 6SE clearly shows sign of blending iPhone 6 and iPhone SE text together on iPhone 6 SE package box.

Now when iPhone 7 release date is near and can be released at September 16 or 23 September event, iPhone 6SE would become another unsuccessful rumor.

If you’re interesting to know more about iPhone 6SE, please leave your comments below and we’d be there for you with some exclusive photos for you…


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  1. It’d be great if Apple release iPhone 7SE rather than iPhone6SE in the first place. I’m really confuse why not apple used iPhone 5SE rather than SE model!!!

    I’m really hoping that all of these would be just a rumors.

  2. It’s my opinion that definitely Apple would release iPhone 6 SE but not now. This is the month of releasing iPhone 7 and not iPhone6SE. So after iPhone SE, iPhone 6SE would come as separate device, but it would take some months from now.

  3. We all know that Apple would release iPhone 7 2016 device and iPhone6SE is not in the product line at least for now. Yeah, some Chinese makers have created such boxes to sell iPhone 7 clone in my thinking. You can’t say that these are leaks because it’s clear that Apple won’t allow anybody to leak their upcoming device packaging box ever before release.

  4. Last year while releasing iPhone SE, iPhone 6SE was talk of the town but you all have seen that it was just a rumor and this would be another rumor which is just a way of getting popularity and nothing else.

    Thank you author for bringing such un successful attempt of releasing iPhone6SE

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