iOS 10.3 Jailbreak: Apple Did Everything to Kill PanGu 10.3

PanGu Jailbreak iOS 10.3 Release Date…

iOS 10 came around one and half month ago. Since the release, we’re talking about the PanGu untethered jailbreak for iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, there is no news came from this Chinese team about release of upcoming jailbreak for iOS 10 and Apple released a lot of updates since then.

iOS 10.3 already released to the developers and now we all are hoping that PanGu would start focusing on iOS 10.3 beta to create an untethered jailbreak iOS 10.3 with Cydia iOS 10.3.

It’s in the rumors that Apple successfully killed jailbreaks using various Bounty programs. Are these Chinese guys stopped working on recent firmware or they’re just failed to discover new exploits from iOS 10.3 firmware!

There are a bunch of questions and doubts exist in the mind of today’s Cydia users. They’re waiting with endless hope that some one would release untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.3.

According to report, thousands of Cydia owners are happily agree to pay for the jailbreak and PanGu app for iPhone, then why these guys are not jailbreaking new firmware? Did these Chinese team already paid not to release public untethered jbreak?

Even iOS 10.3 has very low security power as it’s an unencrypted Kernel system. It means it’s very easy to discover security flows within the series of firmware update of iOS 10.3. That makes sense that PanGu is so talented and can release jailbreak 10.3.

Since the month of August, 2016, Apple has started various bug bounty program where users can easily get huge amount of dollars for discovery bugs, exploits and vulnerabilities from existing firmware for iPhone. Using this program, users can report directly to Apple about the vulnerabilities and earn reward upto $200000. This was too easily to patch the bugs and exploits from iOS 10.3 and all future firmware bugs.

Its too easy for these guys to create a jailbreak for iOS 10.3 which was already done in the past for various firmware and specially if I talk about iOS 10, at least three teams have demonstrated jailbreak for this firmware update since the release, but it’s not out for public.

PanGu was one of these team who successfully demonstrated jailbreak for iOS 10, but I don’t know somehow they haven’t released it to the public. The huge and mega reward and bug bounty program is working behind all of these, i guess.

Now even after two months, there isn’t any clearance or updates about the untethered jailbreak with Cydia for iOS 10.3. It may be in development or it may be possible that our Chinese guys are busy celebrating various holidays.

With the time, Apple made a better firmware in terms of security and features. Each time at new update, Jailbreak developers have to put more efforts to create new untethered tool for iPhone and it’s being more and more difficult to create unthread jailbreak for iOS 10.3.

According to report, these hackers are getting huge amount based on each bug the found from new firmware update released by Apple and this may be a big reason why we’re not getting new jailbreak iOS 10.3.

If you’re one of these Cydia users who wanna install PanGu jailbreak app on your iPad or iPhone, just leave a comment and rise your voice for the upcoming jailbreak 10.3 if you seriously missing something in your iPhone…

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