iNoCydia Download Without Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad iOS 11.1.2 iNoJB

iNoCydia, the best iPhone app without jailbreak to install Cydia…

For the Cydia users who’re on iOS 11.1.2 without Jailbreak, there is another app that can feel them like they’ve Cydia installed on their iPhone or iPad.

iNoCydia is so powerful new app that’s build for the users who can’t live without Jailbreak. So, the developer iNoJb has released this app for iOS 11.1.2.

iNoCydia is wonderful app that can help you download and install emu4ios, iFile or F.lux Cydia tweaks without jailbreak running on any firmware whether it is jailbroken or not.

So, to install your favorite game emulator or jailbreak AppStore, you need to install Cydia or iNoCydia. Alternatively, users can download iNoJB clinet to install Cydia iOS 11.1.2.

There is quite large number of users using iNoCydia. It’s really interesting thing to study about but if you are one who don’t wanna Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 or somehow there isn’t jailbreak available for iOS 11.1.2, It’s really a great time to install iNoCydia.

Users like iNoCydia and they are searching the newer alternatives for Cydia. As without Jailbreak, they can’t install Cydia and iNoCydia allows user to download Cydia Apps without Jailbreak.

The developers have already prepared a solution with the website from where the users can download iNoCydia. They don’t need to jailbreak to install their client and because this is free application anyone can download it.

There are some simple steps which can be considered to install iNoCydia on your iPhone or iPad. Follow  below Steps….

  1. I would recommend your default browser but you can try Google Chrome also. Safari web browser is more preferred to install iNoCydia.
  2. Now when you have opened and connected to WiFi, I would suggest you to go official website of iNoCydia.
  3. You can easily find the website URL in this article at the end of this post from where you need to install iNoCydia without Jailbreak.
  4. After successful installation, you need to reboot your device.

Have you still any doubts, I would recommend comments…


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  1. Openappmkt, inocydia, ipawind and all of these type apps are just a scrap and won’t install Cydia at all. I came here to download inoCydia, but they said, I can’t install Cydia iOS 11.1.2, because it’s not updated. Now, I want to install any other app, can you help me download iNoCydia to install them?

  2. Can somebody suggest me about ipawind. I’m not interesting in iNOcydia because it doesn’t offer valued content. I want Cydia tweaks to customize me iPhone and iNocydia brings jailbreak apps rather then tweaks

    1. iNoCydia is much better than iPAWind and by the way the app you’re calling is paid one. So, forget about that app and just focus on the app recommended by me.

    2. Love this! So true! It’s funny, all my life (that’s 32 years and 8 or so jobs!) I’ve been involved in hands-on work in a helping profession of some kind. I’ve almost always had the privilege of living my calling as opposed to having an unfulfilling job that only serves to pays the bills. Yet sometimes I forget this; I sweat the small stuff instead of recognizing the value of the work itself. Your comment makes me feel so grateful for the position I’m in– a position to serve others and experience &#80c2;su2cess” on a profound level. Thank you, Boyd!

  3. The best alternative for Cydia is Cydia installer itself and nothing else. I found that Openappmkt Pro and mobi are so called third party applications and don’t made by official developers.

    The official blog of such app is still available. So, don’t waste your time and look for jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 rather than iNOcydia or iNoJb kind app.

    1. Thanks man, you just stopped my from downloading iNoCydia. I searched in details about this app and I also found that it only offers couple of game emulator which can be downloaded easily using vShare or other top level apps for free without jailbreak.

      No need to install INOCydia on your iPhone to get iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

      Thanks again

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