iNoCydia for iOS 10.3, The app allows install Cydia to the new iPhone firmware without jailbreak

If you can’t miss Cydia iOS 10.3, go ahead and install iNoCydia…

The users who can’t stop themselves installing Cydia at any cost on their newly installed iOS 10.3, there is a good chance to go with iNoCydia which is similar to OpenAppMkt and Mojo Installer that allow installation of Cydia installer without jailbreak.

If you’re really passionate about installing Cydia on your iPhone 7 for just show casing that you’ve the installer that can install bunch of Cydia tweaks on your iPhone which is something really funny, but if you really want to install it, you can go with iNoCydia that is built for it.

Recently we’ve noticed that there isn’t any untethered jailbreak released by PanGU 10.3 for iPhone. Recent past proves that there won’t be any future jailbreak so easily so the users are finding easy option to have Cydia on their iPhone and iNoCydia is great choice for them that doesn’t require any jailbreak to download it.

However please note that iNoCydia won’t install any Cydia tweaks which comes on actual installer. i No Cydia is developed such way that you can only install jailbreak app store iCon with couple of game emulator and iFile without jailbreak which never work.

iNoCydia is even worst than Extensify which claims to be another alternative to Cydia, but they never found a chance to release with PanGu jailbreak and iOS 10.3 jailbreak is really something that they’re waiting for, but who knows what happen!

After every knowledge, if you still wanna install iNoCydia on your iPhone, you can follow some simple and every straight forward steps to download this app…

  1. Use Safari and only Safari browser for download iNoCydia.
  2. Connect your internet via WiFi or SIM services and Open Safari.
  3. Access
  4. Search iNoCydia from given website and then download the installer and install it.
  5. After installation, head to settings and trust their profile to install further apps or open it.


Note, users complain that iNoCydia not working, and that’s because you’re not trusting their profile from settings app. If you won’t trust yourselves, it won’t work or it won’t install any app, tweak or jailbreak hacks.

I hope you’re getting what we’re explaining here. If you still have any issue, you can comment below…

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  1. This is a great app. I have installed it on my iPhone 6s

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