iFile Download Links for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air Compatible for iOS 10.2

iFile iOS 10.2 Download Links for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch…

Normally, Apple doesn’t allow iPhone or iPad users to access root file system. For couple of reasons, a iOS users need to access file system of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

iFile Cydia tweak is a jailbreak app that allows Cydia users to access and update these files from system. This is the file system where a pro user can edit, view or update files, actually system files. iFile iOS 10.2 brings support for iPhone or any iOS device to install after jailbreak his device.

iFile download links are available on developer’s website and can be installed from BigBoss repo source. The new version of iFile brings a ton of features that gives full file manager features to the jailbreak users.

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Below are the feature which you get once you installed iFile iPhone app…

  • User can rename any file, copy and paste any root file from system.
  • You can edit any text files whether it is configuration file of system.
  • Do you need .deb file installer? You don’t need it after installation of iFile, because iFile provides built in .deb installer.
  • After iFile installed, you can access file system and pack or unpack any zip file package.
  • You can upload or download any file using iFile own file browser.

If you face any issue installing iFile Cydia tweak, let us via comments, we’re here to help…

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  1. I installed iFile and now again i’m confuse, how to use it.
    I wanna edit one of host file to bypass iCloud activation. So, without editing host file i can’t bypass it. I’m trying to use iFile Cydia tweak and downloaded SHSH tool too to make SHSH. How to use iFile?

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