Download iEmulator For iOS, Android, Install NDS, GBA, PSP iPhone Game Emulators

iEmulator download for iPhone without jailbreak for iPad, Android

I love iEmulator such as NDS4iOS, PPSSPP and specially GBA4iOS. I stopped Emu4iOS because it’s not working without jailbreak.

Yeah, you can also download iEmulator to install your favorite games and Roms using NDS, PSP, GBA games all the way without any need of jailbreak iOS 10.2 or no Cydia.

What’s your thought? Do you feel difficult to get them without jailbreak? Don’t think that, because iEmulator iOS 10.2 released that can help you download bunch of emulator for your iPhone, iPad and Android device to play unlimited games.

Within last three weeks, the developer of iEmulator has updated four main game emulator and apps which now you can install without jailbreak.

The user interface is also replaced and the new cool UI of iEmulator is cool enough. I’ve personally downloaded it from iEmulators website and installed the one game emulator which was updated recently, iNDS.

How to install iEmulator game emulators without jailbreak

If you’re one who wanna download GBA4iOS or few of your most wanted game emulator or even top paid apps such as Minecraft and iTransmission, Mame4iOS, then you can download iEmulator first for your iPhone or iPad.

I personally don’t know about the support for Android device, because I don’t have any Android device and I haven’t tried iEmulator Android software, so I can’t recommend or give any suggestion about that.

Yeah, you can download iEmulator iOS 10.2 without Cydia or jailbreak and it’s sure. You just need to manually, follow below steps…

  1. Connect yourself with WiFi, it’s best.
  2. Open Safari browser.
  3. The second thing is, go to iEmulator download website.
  4. Search the app and tap on install.
  5. You need to confirm and follow on screen instructions and once you done that, the game emulator would be start installing.
  6. Done

If you get error, or iEmulator not working at any stage, just leave few words about your issue regarding iEmulators website and we’d respond to you.


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  1. Every time says download failed.

    Whyyyyyy ?! Fuuuuuccckkkk…….

    Retry – Done
    Retry – Done
    Retry – Done
    Retry – Done
    Retry – Done
    Retry – Done
    Retry – Done

    1. Hey! I’m about to begin my own website and was wondering if you know where the best place to purchase a website url is? I’m not even sure if that’s what its called? (I’m new to this) I’m referring to &#;0#2;&282208. How do I go about acquiring one of these for the website I’m creating? Many thanks

  2. I never can dounload ant iemulators i do everything but it still doesn’t work. The problem is that it will never download it just says retry or done

  3. Real nigga alert just tryna play pokemon

    Yo yall niggas gay

  4. Now I can’t get on shou screen recorder so I deleted it and tried to download it again but it said download failed…argh

    1. Can we download Air Shou using these emulators? I want iPhone game emulator with screen recorder feature. I won’t install anything that harm my iOS device, so please advice wisely.

  5. Frilly this website


    I can’t install nds4ios from iemultor…. My phone ios is 10.2…. It is not working when i downloaded nds4ios…. They said ” you could not be installed at this time”. What was wrong please point on me…. ????????????

  7. It looks like the app iEmulators is offline, and I had to access their website rather than iPhone app to install any app from their server. Can you suggest me any alternative to iEmulator?

  8. You’re right, I also installed Mame4iOS and it works like a charm and do you know that I haven’t jailbreak so it can be easily downloaded on iOS 10.2 with no jailbreak.
    Now, can you suggest me to install GBC without Cydia?

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