iAP Cracker iOS 10.2: How to Install and Use iAPCracker for iPad, iPhone

iAP Cracker iOS 10.2: How to Install and Use iAPCracker for iPad, iPhone

Have you tried any Apple app store apps or games. I mostly played iPhone games and found some add-on type extra powers that can be achieved only by purchasing them. These premium features are known as “In App” purchase.

Mostly all in-app purchases are either paid or can be installed only when you get some points. But, normally most of the in-app purchases are paid.

But here too, there are couple of jailbreak users who have found out the solution. They are using iAP Cracker Cydia tweak.

To get better idea, I followed their way and find out something which is really interesting. Lets see what happened.

1. So, the first thing was jailbreaking. I had jailbroken iPhone using TaiG iOS 10.2 jailbreak released by them recently. So, I was easy to get ready for next step. (The next step was installing AppSync Unified app and adding repo source for iAP Cracker)

iAP Cracker List of Alternatives: LocaliAPStore, iAPCrazy and iAPFree

2. After jailbreaking, my goal was installing appsync that supports iAP Cracker to install unsigned in-app purchase. I opened search engine on my iPhone and searched official AppSync Unified version. I found this repo which was really official.

3. The third step was adding iAP Cracker repo source. So, I searched again and I found below repository address…


I simply added above repo source to the Cydia repository directory and then tapped on Search link. I typed “iAP Cracker” and found out latest version. I installed it and simply restarted as per instructions.


I tried several apps and games that had combination of free and paid in-app purchases and most of the time, I was able to get either points or unlock newer stage.

Quick Review

I also find out that server based games and apps can’t be hacked. Those apps or games communicate with online server and verify your purchased receipt, so you can’t get them free.

Few of them were Clash of clan, Hay day and Candy Crush. I heard some new names too such as iAPFree, iAPCrazy and LocaliAPStore and I’m gonna try them too.

Do you have tried such in-app purchase cracker? Share your comments…

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  1. I really enjoy to see that iAp Cracker still in the top line. I’m really sad that there is really a lack of people who actually using it. I know that there is absence of jailbreak release and thus no one is looking towards these wonderful apps. I hope free in app purchases using iapcracker would come again.

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