How to Use iAPCrazy iOS 10.2: Get Free In-app Purchases

How to Use iAPCrazy iOS 10.2: Get Free In-app Purchases

App Store contains thousands or even more than thousands games and applications available for iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone. And, those apps contains more than million in-app purchases available.

Most of these premium in-app purchases are paid and only can be added once you purchase them. There were iAP Cracker, iAPFree and LocaliAPStore Cydia hacks which were effective to get free in-app purchases. However, in some of the games such as Clash of Clan, Candy Crush can’t be free even using above listed tweaks.

Then a new iAP hack known as iAPCrazy aka iAP Crazy introduced by HackYouriPhone repository that is still effective on Clash of Clan hack and other popular games from appstore.

How to Install iAPCrazy iOS 10.2

Look, if you don’t have jailbroken iDevice, forget to get free in-app purchases. Like any other Cydia tweaks, iAP Crazy also requires jailbreaking and Cydia.

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So, you have jailbroken iDevice, right? Okay then, you’re on the right way to get iAPhack installed on your iDevice. Just launch Cydia and add below repository in your source list.

Include this repository:

Once the above repository has been added to repos, you’re ready to search iAP Crazy iOS 10.2.

Note: Remember, don’t forget to look “AppSync Unified” Cydia tweak in your iDevice. If it exist, proceed to get free in-app purchases for free otherwise, install AppSync iOS 10.2 first.

iAPCrazy Alternatives: There are many iAP Hacks available such as iAPFree, LocaliAPStore and iAP Cracker. You can take these as alternatives.


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  1. I’ve tried but I can’t jailbreak my device I’ve tried a bunch of methods idk why it’s so hard for me it seems pretty simple but it’s just not working

    1. what ios version are you on

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  11. to anyone looking: there is a 10.2 you can get – you just have to run an app every time your device goes off and then back on – look it up on YouTube (everything apple pro is great for this btw). it will NOT support 10.2. also, if you use the english one you have to re do it every seven days. the chinese one lasts a year (cydia is still in English so there’s not much point)
    if anyone needs help send me a Twitter DM (@george_h_hall) or feel free to follow me on there if you want to.

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  19. I’m still in the hope that PanGu would release update or iOS 10.2 jailbreak and I’d be able to use iAPCrazy on my iPhone once again. I lost my Cydia tweaks since iOS 10.2 update. It forced me to uninstall Cydia from my iPhone.

    1. You’re in luck, there is a 10.2 jailbreak out now.

      1. Heeeeeell yeah!

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    2. Still full JB didn’t come you have to jail break your phone once every 7 days

      1. This is true, but only for the English version. If you were to explore a little more you could have found out that the Chinese version keeps it jailbroken for a year. Try out the original fam

  20. I love free in app purchases and you know free things always good comparing to paid once. Yeah, it depends on your choice. iapcrazy was the app that worked for some good time and now, we’re in the age where jailbreak iOS 10.2 is not allowed.

    Hoping my best to see some best Cydia tweaks again in my live.

  21. It’s shit

  22. Sometimes I feel like people are idiots. THERE IS NO JAILBREAK FOR IOS 10.2 IT DOESNT WORK!!

    1. What do you mean? It means I can’t install my free in app purchases any more? I upgraded to iOS 10.2 only for installing these things, now I lost everything without iap crazy.

    2. yes there is

    3. dumbass look again .it already out bitch

    4. Yes there is its semi- tethered and its through a browser

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    6. It does but only to 64 bit models

    7. Hey relax pangu has us covered

    8. Yes there is. I’m jail broken right now

  23. Are you all really stupid, there is “NO JAILBREAK” for ios 10.2/10.2 so how can this possibly work….

    1. I agree with this here. We should be friends

    2. There a jailbreak now for 9.3.2 and 10.2

    3. Bro I have the 10.2 jailbreak by pangu it works fine u just use Cydia impactor and a file on your pc and yeah just search it up on YouTube.. retard

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  24. Does this work with final fantasy record keeper?

  25. for the hay day?? it work in the febbraio 2016 ? ??

    1. FOR IOS 10.2 JB?

      1. yeah there’s one you can get – you just have to run an app every time your device goes off and then back on – look it up on YouTube (everything apple pro is great for this btw)

  26. How to make it work on iOS 9.2


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  27. does it work for 8ball on ios 8.4?

  28. It won’t work for me.. Help.. I installed the iapcrazy and the appsync and added the source but it still don’t work,.. What am I doing wrong

  29. This hack only works in offline game,.

    1. That’s not true

      1. what are the online games that it works with?

        1. Real racing 3, injustice, mortal combat

          1. hay day works??

          2. Csr racing AND classics both work with localiapstore but you can only get 24 hrs gas, crew, and the nitrous used to beat the crew leaders

            1. If you buy Cash or Gold and turn off the Internet before it could finish transaction it will work but then you will have to stay offline though and the risk is that you might get banned from multiplayer so think carefully. I only test this on IOS

  30. does it really works on ios 10.2?

    1. I have it on 8.4 but that’s the latest

    2. yeah there’s one you can get – you just have to run an app every time your device goes off and then back on – look it up on YouTube (everything apple pro is great for this btw) 🙂

  31. does this work with pirate kings?

    1. No it doesn’t

    2. Hey Anln’ea,Ibve been following your threads on Chictopia and Tumblr (thru Lulu) for a while. I love your posts and photography and especially THE MUSIC! You’re the only blogger I can turn to for new music I’ll like.

  32. Is there a tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 10.2?????

    1. on youtube. icrackurdevice has one

      1. just type taig on your pc browser

    2. yeah there’s one you can get – you just have to run an app every time your device goes off and then back on – look it up on YouTube (everything apple pro is great for this btw)
      good luck 🙂

  33. please gimme list of apps supported by iap crazy

  34. thanks, it works on Hay day finally!

  35. Voila, it works

  36. How to use iapcrazy iOS 10.2?

  37. How to get Cydia to install iap crazy? Seriously, jailbreaking is not possible for me. I just hate jailbreaking and all those things, but wanna install iapcrazy to get free in-app purchases. Please help me
    I’ve iOS 10.2, should i install evasion8.2?

    1. If you really love iAPCrazy and wanna install it, you must jailbreak iOS 10.2 but evasion is dead now. You need to use TaiG 8.2, They have released untethered tool for iOS 10.2 jailbreak.
      After installing TaiG iOS 10.2 jailbreak, you would have CYdia, then you would be able install iAP Crazy on your iPhone or iPad.

      1. YOu mother fucker , There is no TaiG jailbreak for 10.2.X

        1. Yeah there is yu fuck

          1. Is there pangu9 semi untethered jailbreak for 9.2 – 10.2 guys..

            1. What is wrong with you all. There is a fucking jailbreak on pangu official site now. Just done mine today

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    2. LMAO you do realize that evasion is a jailbreak tool? The only way to get free in app purchases is through jailbreaking your phone. It is a 5 minutes process. The use of in app purchase hacks is illegal just so you know. I do not condone the use of any cydia tweaks such as iapcrazy or localiapstore or iapfree.

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