How to Install WinterBoard iOS 10.2 on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 6 and Apple Watch to Get Best Winterboard Themes

How to Install WinterBoard iOS 10.2 on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 6 and Apple Watch to Get Best WinterBoard Themes for iOS 10.2

Since the jailbreaking has been started, Saurik aka Cydia creator is working on various projects related to Cydia and jailbreaking. Winterboard themes, Five Icon Dock, Cydia and various things have been developed by Saurik.

Winterboard iOS 10.2 is the new version of theme installer that would brings some great features, that would make theme installation easy. As these themes can be installed after jailbreaking, you need jailbroken firmware to install Winterboard themes for iOS 10.2.

Winterboard iOS 10.2 is just a platform, you can say framework that is required to install supported iOS 10.2 themes. Its all about jailbreaking and Saurik knows it very well.

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How to Install Winterboard Themes iOS 10.2

Cydia theme installer depends on jailbreaking. Once, TaiG releases jailbreak iOS 10.2, Saurik would make some small changes to Winterboard to make it compatible with the latest jailbroken firmware.

Look once you installed Cydia installer, you can install Winterboard themes. Follow below steps…

  1. Launch Cydia app installer.
  2. Now, tap on Search button. If you’ve added all default repository, theme repo should be there.
  3. Search any theme such as “Eclipse” or “iOS 8.2”. It would return with related themes compatible for either Winterboard or Dreamboard.
  4. Tap on Install button, the theme and the Winterboard would be installed together.
  5. Reboot your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air or Apple Watch to get effects.
  6. Done

What is Dreamboard? What’s the difference between Winterboard and Dreamboard Themes

There is no difference in Dreamboard and Winterboard in framework. Winterboard theme framework is developed by Saurik and Dreamboard is created separately from other developers.

iOS 10.2 theme installation process is the same while couple of themes supports Winterboard whereas couple themes support Dreamboard.

Dreamboard iOS 10.2 is not available with the current jailbreak. As soon as Dreamboard themes get updated, we’d notify you.

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  1. What is Winterboard iOS 10.2? I heard it with one of my friend that it can install themes on iPhone! how?

  2. I search best winterboard themes and landed here. I found two best Cydia themes here. I wanna ask one thing, Is those themes available for free? I’ve iOS 10.2 iPad Air 2. How to Install these themes?

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