How to Install WhatsAPP Plus on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch

How to Install WhatsAPP Plus on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch

Apple has unveiled iOS 10.2 with couple of bug fixed. The TaiG released iOS 10.2 untethered too for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone and again developers have to upgrade their Cydia tweaks.

The jailbreak app developer team, UnlimApps Inc., has upgraded their most valued and more requested Cydia tweak WhatsAPP Plus that also known as WhatsAPP ++ to iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The previous version was quite successful and the Cydia tweak had some unique features similar to Watusi Cydia tweak. Now when the developer has upgraded WhatsAPP Plus, it has more features and functions for newer firmware.

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However, a bunch of users have experienced bug specially in Last seen status as the last seen status has been disappeared from all the contacts after upgrading to WhatsAPP ++.

As per developer’s explanation when you hide last seen status, the server can’t catch last seen status from any of the contacts and this is not a bug on WhatsAPP Plus iPhone tweak.

Delivery receipt and read receipt feature work perfectly on newer firmware too. WhatsAPP++ is free Cydia tweak which can be installed any time from BigBoss repo.


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  1. I’m searching WhatsApp Plus for iPhone, I found one tweak on Cydia store known as WhatsAPP+, is the same tweak which you’re mentioning about?

  2. Someone give me exact steps to install whatsapp plus iPhone tweak. I installed it but its not working. There isn’t any change or difference after installing Whatsapp++ on iPhone 6

  3. I would recommend to update to WhatsAPP++ if you face error
    WhatsAPP++ have fixed all the errors from existing app

  4. I wanna install WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, but it gives me error whenever I try to install it on my iPhone 6 Plus. Actually, when I hit the button to install it from HackYouriPhone repository, it says that you have an existing app installed on your iPhone 6 Plus.
    But, I haven’t installed this tweak ever before. Can somebody help me and fix the error?

    1. there might be catch. It might possible that there is a bug and it won’t allow you to install Whatsapp plus on iPhone 6 Plus. I would suggest you to uninstall your originally installed stock app and then try to install WhatsAPP plus from the given repo and once you have installed this tweak, search and install original app
      I hope you understood the whole issue

      1. I also faced the same issue. I installed WhatsAPP+ but it gives same error. I followed steps that you have mentioned above and successfully fixed the issue.
        Thanks for the help

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