LocaliAPFree iOS 10.2: How to Install LocaliAPStore on iPhone, iPad

LocaliAPFree iOS 10.2: How to Install LocaliAPStore on iPhone, iPad

If you have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and installed a game or app that has some specially designed features for that particular app known as premium feature or “In-app” which is normally paid stuff.

  • LocaliAPStore Alternatives: iAPCracker, iAPFree and iAPCrazy can be installed as alternative to LocaliAPStore.

In more brief view, suppose you have installed a free game from Apple store or iTunes that has only two stage. After two stage you wanna play more stage which are blocked and only can be unlocked if you purchased that item. It is known as In-app purchases.

Normally, these are the features which cost you around $1 or $0.50 per item, so, normally, we can purchase them. However, there are a lot of users who wanna get these in-app purchases for free to just test it.

A Cydia tweak available on App Store that allows jailbreak user to get free in-app purchase known as “LocaliAPStore”. ┬áBut, there is a catch. LocaliAPStore iOS 10.2 is Cydia tweak that can be installed only on jailbroken iDevice. If you haven’t any jailbroken iDevice, you can’t test it.

LocaliAPStore Cydia tweak allows user to install free in-app purchases without paying anything. This is one of the best way to get paid in-app purchases for free on iPhone or iPad.

  • You need jailbroken iPad or iPhone
  • Cydia must be installed there on your iPhone or iPad

Additionally, to run LocaliAPStore on your iPhone or iPad, you must install a plugin that install unsigned iPAs known as AppSync. These both jailbreak apps are free and available on Cydia store on popular repositories. You just need to add those repo sources and download these tweaks on your iPhone or iPad.

I’m sure, you have installed AppSync, so, go ahead and add below repository to add another repo source to install LocaliAPStore.

Local iAP Store Repo Source: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

You should complete online instruction to add that repository and once you get it, search “LocaliAPStore” and install it.

Note: Don’t forget to reboot your iPhone. If you’re using iPad then reboot it too.

Look, its tricky part to use LocaliAPStore on your iPhone and really hard to mention all the steps here. If you feel hard or confusing, comment below to clear your confusion…


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  1. Doesn’t work with Avengers Academy

  2. I didn’t understand how to use or open localIAPstore

  3. Guilherme Zagonel

    Please help with Hay Day Cydia hack. I installed some free in app purchases without any problem but when I’m trying Hay Day and Candy crush. It won’t work. Please someone fix redirect bug from LocaliAPStore so that it can allow me to install that too.

  4. How to jailbreak iOS 10.2? Now, it’s not a tool for jailbreak. We Only heard about it but we don’t see truth tool!

  5. I’m constantly getting an error while using localiapstore. Actually, whenever I’m trying the app, it redirect me to app purchase page, but suddenly app is closed and shut down.
    Please help with Localiapstore.

  6. Is there a fix for why I can’t use localiapstore anymore on the Candy crush games, Farm Hero Saga, Papa Pear, or any King brand games? I was able to when I first jaibroke my ipad air but now they don’t work. I can still get it to work for Cooking Dash, and any of the Diner Dash games, Paint Monsters, and Cookie Jam but those aren’t King games. Please help fix this!!

  7. Its not working on my iphone ios 10.2

  8. Localiapstore is now compatible with iOS 10.2

  9. currently, localiapstore is not compatible with IOS 10.2. as jailbreak of 10.2 was released just few days ago, it’s gonna take time to make it run with jailbroken ios 10.2 depending on how tough the process is.

    1. It works great on iOS 10.2
      Tested, working fine

  10. Same here, I’ve tried everything

  11. It doesn’t work on my jailbroken ipad air runing ios 10.2 or maybe i don’t know how to use it . The problem is it doesn’t appear in the settings . What’s wrong ?!

  12. Can I install Local iapstore on iOS 10.2!!!

  13. There are total 4 inapp cracker available on Cydia store, LocaliAPStore is the best one. I personally tried this cydia tweak and I found a long list of apps that can be installed using Local iAP Store. I just can recommend Local iAP Store for every single jailbroken device who wanna install free inapp purchases.

  14. how to use localiapstore iOS 10.2?

    1. Do you have jailbroken iOS 10.2 using TaiG? I heard that TaiG has released iOS 10.2 jailbreak. You might have jailbroken iOS 10.2 that way.

      Anyways, Localiapstore cydia tweak works only on jailbroken iDevice that you have, but local iap store woudn’t have upgraded to iOS 10.2, i searched there isn’t localiapstore iOS 10.2 available yet.

      You can’t use older version. Wait for couple of days and then install localiAP store iOS 10.2 to use it.

  15. I agree that it’s not working on iOS 10.2 because there isn’t any jailbreak available for the firmware but whenever the Jailbreak IOS 10.2 would be available, then iap cracker for iPhone would available for download

    1. That’s simple sense that without jailbreak, you can’t download LocaliAPStore supported files using Cydia and Localiapstore not working just for that.

      It was so simple, you should understand that.

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