How to Install IntelliScreenX iOS 10.2 on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

How to Install IntelliScreenX iOS 10.2 on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

IntelliScreenX is available on BYA and HYI repo sources for free which brings RSS, Twitter, Facebook and a number of features to Notification center and lockScreen for iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone.

IntelliScreenX is Cydia tweak that can be installed only on jailbroken iDevice. You need jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Mac users can use PPJailbreak and if you have Windows PC, TaiG is the best iOS 10.2 jailbreak tool.

IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak also known as ISX. You can purchase it or get free tweak from HackyouriPhone repo. Follow me…

  1. Head to Cydia
  2. Tap on Sources and add HYI repo which is given below.
  4. Confirm adding repo source for IntelliScreen. (Note: you can purchase IntelliScreenX from IntelliBorn repo or ModMyi repo where you can purchase it.)
  5. Once you’ve added given repository, search IntelliScreenX iOS 10.2 Cydia tweak by tapping on Search feature on Cydia.
  6. Reboot once you installed it.

IntelliScreenX features

It brings many useful features, look some of the most wanted features…
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  1. Email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Calender and Events along with quick message reply option has been added to your lockscreen and notification center.
  2. Once IntelliScreenX is installed, you can head to configure it. You can enable Intelli features from either lockscreen or notification center or both.
  3. User can configure it for quick drop down menu that contains the icons of the apps that can be used as quick launch. You can close any open apps by just pressing home button.

The official app has 3 day free trial, so, you don’t need to install IntelliScreenX cracked app, just try it and once you like it, purchase it. If you’ve installed and facing error, just leave your comments…


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  2. IntelliscreenX only had support to ios8. Nothing after. This article is fake and BS. You can try to install version 8 on ios9 at your risk (will probably cause substrate crashes). Will not work on ios10 at all unless Intelliborn updates.

    1. We co’uvlde done with that insight early on.

  3. This guy is always fake he has been posting these like for 2 years WTF?

  4. Can’t find the app on Cydia, must not exist….I even added the intteliborn repo still no luck….

    1. this article is b**shit

  5. bullshit

    IntelliscreenX 10.2 doesnt exist!

  6. It’s working now
    Thanks to the developers that saved me

    1. Hey please replay me at
      How can I install this tweak. But I can’t search on Cydia

  7. Don’t work here aswell, Iphone 6 plus 8,4

  8. Not working for IPAD IOS 10.2 , once respring the IPad doesn’t work again and you have to restore your iPad , any help ???

    1. Great hammer of Thor, that is powelfurly helpful!

  9. Not working for me, once phone goes to sleep it won’t wake up again

    1. Same issue here. Installed. Set it up. Once phone goes to sleep, you can not press the “home” button to wake it up at all. Have to reboot the phone every time.

  10. How to download IntelliScreenX iOS 10.2?

  11. Christian Mancilla

    It would be better, if you would add some videos to your post. IntelliScreenX is must better than you have describe about it. It has drop down menu which can be access when you swipe down from left uper corner to down side. Any apps can be added to IntelliScreenX iOS 10.2
    IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak available in beta version from their official repository. You can try it for three days for free. I love their approach to make their client satisfy or convince

  12. fuck this article and fuck his mother

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