How to Install iAPFree on iOS 10.2 and Use to get Free In-app Purchases

How to Install iAPFree on iOS 10.2 and Use to get Free In-app Purchases – iAPFree and it’s core plugin supports a list of apps and games that have in-app purchases. The easiest way to get free in-app purchases.

Nowadays, Cydia users have found a new way to exploit jailbreak. Actually, there are couple of iAP hacks available on Cydia store that allows user to install in-app purchases for free. These in app purchases cost $1 to $5 for a single in-app. And, most of these in app purchases are paid which are only available for install in particular apps or games.

Most of the game lovers use Cydia hacks to get them free. Today, we’re on the way about iAPFree iOS 10.2 which is also similar in app purchase cracker. The interested user must have jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

There are two important part of iAPFree Cydia tweak. You need to install it, if you have jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And, the second thing is usage. Both of these parts are little bit tricky whether you’re trying iAP Free, iAP Cracker or iAPCrazy.

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All of these Cydia hacks have their own database of supported games and apps, however the process and tricks is same in all of these hacks to convert paid to free In-app purchases. iAPFree is located in HackYouriPhone repo which is most active repository at the current jailbreak.

If you’re thinking that using iAPFree iOS 10.2, you would get Clash of clan hacks or Candy Crush in-app purchases for free, then you may be wrong. There are countless apps and games available on app store that communicate with Apple server to verify receipt of the purchase. These apps are known as server based in-app purchases and can’t be get free using iAPFree or iAP Cracker repo source.

Anyways, there are several Cydia sources available from where you can install iAPFree. I’m gonna list up the top sources that can be used.


One thing is important to install this tweak is AppSync. You would find this app from HYI or AngelxWind repo that contains working AppSync Unified iOS 10.2 available on their repo.

Install AppSync repo first to install iAP Free tweak. If you get stuck anywhere, we’re always here to respond comments…

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