How to Get SNES4iOS Without Jailbreak, download iPhone Game Emulator Running on iOS 10.2 – Android Supported

 Download SNES4iOS for iPhone, iPad, Android and PC

SNES4iOS is one of the best iPhone game emulators. It was available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but unfortunately, Apple has removed the app from their store for any reason.

Now when we don’t have any option to run customized games on iPhone or iPad, we can tweak couple of things to install SNES4iOS once again on iPhone or iPad even without jailbreak.

Yeah, if you’ve iOS 10.2, and you’re game lover, I’ve something that you won’t wanna miss out. SNES4iOS can be played on iPad or iPhone using some apps on iOS 10.2 with completely no use of Cydia or jailbreak iOS 10.2.

When, Apple removed the game emulator SNES4iOS, couple of repo sources added it to their repository, but nowadays, there isn’t jailbreak available for iOS devices such as iPhone.

Fortunately, vShare and iEmulators and PGyer came for the help. Now, using these apps users can download SNES4iOS or any iPhone game emulator without jailbreak even without Cydia.

I’m not talking about OpenAppMkt other web apps such as iNoCydia, but vShare is the true app store alternative that has added SNES4iOS, NDS4iOS, Emu4iOS and GBA4iOS games plus roms for free for Android and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If you’re interested to download one of these iPhone game emulator, put your Android or iPhone into your hand and turn on WiFi. Just visit, and search your favorite game emulator such as SNES4iOS and download it.

Reboot your Android or iPhone device and that’s it.

It may be possible that you get certificate error, leave exact error what you’re getting, we’d help you…


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  1. I am big fan of Vshare but since couple of days, it can’t install any application specially for iPhone or iPad. I need to help the developer but unfortunately they are not responding. I love to install SNES4iOS

  2. I have Android device and I have searched a lot on Google search engine for installing SNES4iOS game emulator for Lenovo k note but unfortunately the result was null and I could not install one of the best game emulator on my Android today

    1. You should Google Play Store rather than Google search for SNES4iOS. You are making a big mistake searching on a wrong destination. SNES4iOS game emulator is free and available on vshare or any other popular Android client.

      1. how to download SNES4iOS without jailbreak?

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