How to Get Free In-App Purchases Free Using Cydia iAP Cracker

How to Get Free In-App Purchases Free Using Cydia iAP Cracker

This year’s In-app purchase revenue would be double comparing to last year as per sources. The large number of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users prefer to purchase these in-app applications rather than cracking them.

And, it is not good idea to crack them, however, there are couple of users exist out there with jailbroken device who can leverage their jailbroken device to get free in-app purchases. Do you wanna know, how they do it?

The first thing, you should have jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Cydia installed. Cydia installer is must because, you’d need to install couple of jailbreak hacks that would crack in-app purchase.

Lets see couple of free in-app purchase cracker…

1. iAP Cracker: This is well known Cydia hack that has been used by large number of jailbreak users. As per them, iAPCracker is the easiest tool to hack these in-app purchases. You can easily crack these apps. iAP Cracker is the most active tool that gets update too frequently.

2. iAPFree: Do you’ve heard about iAPFree? Its the second most used in-app purchase cracker. You won’t believe us that 30% of the jailbreak users use iAPFree as their primary tool to get free in app purchases.

3. LocaliAPStore: This was updated during iOS 7 and iOS 8. This is the app which has large number of game hacks which helps it to get free in app purchases. LocaliAPFree is also the same app.

4. iAPCrazy: This is also in use to get free in-app purchases. iAP Crazy is just the same Cydia tweak which we’ve mentioned in above two Cydia apps.

Note: All of above tweaks need AppSync Unified app. We’ve covered all the apps mentioned here. You can read them to get more info about each app.

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  1. I have the IAP crazy is there anything better then that one

  2. Now that i download it? How do you enable it to pirchase the app for free?

  3. Can someone try mobile strike..I really want to know if you can get free in app purchases..

    1. New jailbreak is out. Does it work?

  4. I’ve latest version of firmware, it’s iOS 10.2 and iPhone 6S. I wanna install Clash of clan in app purchases, please give me those in app free. I can’t pay. I can download AppSync, free in app purchases cracker and any app as you say. Please upload a video with whole process. Please do help

    1. Guilherme Zagonel

      I’m also excited to try my old Cydia tweaks on new firmware and iPhone SE, but you know jailbreak developers are not releasing their tool for free. They wanna earn money and this whole game is playing around money. You should start paying some cent for these in app purchases.

    2. clash of clans, hay day, clash royal and all that stuff and boom beach can’t be cracked or hacked

    3. Coc n CR are on secured servers, it won’t save what you’ve done. In CR you won’t be able to battle until you reset n lose the progress. Wasted $80 jail breaking my old 5c. If you like the Jurassic park app or candy crush, those work perfectly.

      1. Oh I forgot, Pandora downloader. Best tweak for music. Can copy files to computer n place into iTunes. Best way to get free music

  5. Hey, does it work on Apple watch ??
    I wanna try it

  6. How to download in-app purchase for free using Cydia?

    1. Hey dumb, its pretty easy. But, first tell me that do you have jailbreak iOS 10.2? without jailbreak, you’re one step behind to install iapcracker at any cost

  7. You can try iAP cracker. Its the kink of all apps, tweaks.

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