How to Download iPAWind iOS 10.2 Without Jailbreak for Free | iPad, iPhone

How to get iPAWind Download and install free apps on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without jailbreak your device…

I’ve tried many Installous alternatives such as vShare, Kuaiyong, 25PP, iPAStore and many others. iPAWind is new, but has great potential to download and allow free install of apps without jailbreak on any iPhone or iPad device.

Actually, iPAWind AppStore is something unique that can add Cydia Sources, some best Cydia tweaks and users can download jailbreak apps to their iOS 10.2 device without jailbreak.

This would be second most powerful appstore for iOS device after AppCake and AppAddict as they can also be installed without jailbreak and iPAWind has better app packages comparing to all above mentioned apps.

If you wanna enjoy jailbreak apps, Cydia Sources and best Cydia tweaks together without jailbreak your iPhone, you should head to iPAWind which is available in two versions. One is paid and second one is free for limited time.

iPAWind download is not limited to iOS device, it can be downloaded and installed on Apple tvOS without jailbreak. If other top apps not working on your Apple TV 4, you should install iPAWind to enjoy jailbreak apps without Cydia or any tool.

Plus, iPAWind is multi platform application that can be installed on Mac OS X, Windows PC and Apple TV 4, Android and iOS platform. Unlike Kodi for iPad or Apple TV, iPA Wind is not limited to iOS and Android.

Even iPAWind is compatible for Apple Watch too. If iPAWind not working on any of your device, you need to purchase the licence to install this appstore app.

What can be done using iPAWind?

  1. User can clone any installed app and use both version. (Clone WhatsAPP, Facebook, Twitter or any of your favorite app.)
  2. Add Cydia Sources and download any jailbreak app without jailbreak or installed Cydia.
  3. iPAWind is capable to install MovieBox, GBA4iOS or Minecraft on your iPhone or Android device without jailbreak or rooting.
  4. Everything is free

If you’ve installed iOS 10.2 which is released just a week ago, you can download iPAWind on your iPad or iPhone and add as many Cydia sources as you can and install Cydia tweaks for free without having jailbreak iOS 10.2.

Do you wanna download iPAWind without jailbreak for free?

You can install or download iPAWind on your Android or iOS two ways which is explained below…

  1. Use vShare Professional software
  2. Install iPAWind using PGyer

Note: iPAWind is available as a premium version on their official website and surely it can be download and installed easily without jailbreak iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch, iPhone or Apple TV.


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  3. iPAWind ask me some payment and I couldn’t understand why I need to pay them specially when I don’t wanna pay them back. I just wanna try iPAWind app for once.

    I simply install an app and if it would work, I’d pay to the developer and if it doesn’t work, I would uninstall iPAWind and don’t wanna continue paying to them.

    They’re asking yearly renewal and saying that they can add Cydia Sources to non jailbreak device. I’ve iPad Pro in which I’m planning to purchase their plan.

  4. How to start Downloading

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