Movie Box iOS 10.2: How to Download and Install MovieBox without Jailbreak

Movie Box iOS 10.2: How to Download and Install MovieBox without Jailbreak

The latest version of MovieBox iOS 10.2 can be installed on iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch without jailbreak. It was sudden and due to couple of improvements in the beta version of Movie Box bring this possibility.

If you’re one who loves MovieBox tweak, this is a good news for you. There are several ways, you can download MovieBox and install on your iOS device without jailbreak.

You can download vShare and install Movie Box on your iPhone or iPad. There is another way, you can use your Mac OS X or Windows and download iFunBox or iTools latest version and install MovieBox on your iOS 10.2 iOS device.

How to Download Movie Box and install on iPhone

There are two ways you can install Moviebox, take a look…

Method 1: Download vShare and install Movie Box iOS 10.2

  1. Open Safari web browser. (Safari is needed)
  2. Go to
  3. It would ask you to install their client. If you’ve non-jailbreak iOS device, choose that version and if you’ve jailbroken device choose vShare for jailbroken device.
  4. After installing vShare, look into search feature and type “Movie Box”.
  5. Choose from the result and install it.

If you’ve non-jailbreak device, vShare would allow you to install MovieBox without jailbreak.

Method 2: Use iTools or iFunBox to install MovieBox iOS 10.2 without jailbreak…

  1. You can download iFubBox to Mac OS X or Windows
  2. Download MovieBox iPA file
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC
  4. Browse Movie Box and install on your iPhone
  5. Done

If you’ve any query, comment below…

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  1. MovieBox iOS 10.2 is available only on vShare and unfortunately, it won’t install any app so how to make it work. Does date trick work on iOS 10.2? Please help me to fix these issues. I can’t test this awesome entertainment app on my iPhone. I would do whatever you’d ask. I just need updated version of MovieBox. That’s it. Is MovieBox iOS 10.2 work without jailbreak?

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