HideMeX Cydia Tweak Updated to iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad

HideMe Cydia Tweak for iPhone…

These days, the tweaks development has been stuck because absence of jailbreak iOS 10.2. However, we won’t stop because this and updating some good tweaks here.

HideMeX aka HideMe tweak adds some valuable customizable options which allows user to hide many things which is completely based on user’s choice.

HideMeX or HideMe is ultimate tool for iPhone that allows user to hide almost every unused items from App Switcher, Control Center, Notification Center, Dock Bar, Lock Screen, Home Screen and from Folders.

I missed a lot of other things which also can be hide using HideMe Cydia tweak. HideMeX is just an updated version of old tweak with bunch of new features.

You don’t like something on Status bar, you can hide those items using HideMe iPhone tweak. Isn’t it cool? I think so. Because, a lot of things which we don’t use, should be hidden and HideMeX allows them for us.

HideMeX is fully compatible with iOS 9 and available on BigBoss Cydia Source which is added by default on your iPhone if you’ve jailbroken device.

Once HideMe installed, you’re ready to hide almost anything from your iPad or iPhone. There is a settings menu which can further help you hiding items from various sections.

Take an example. Suppose, you don’t like game center which is located on Home Screen and you want to hide app which is related to games, you can easily use HideMe Cydia tweak.

Just head to HideMeX Settings menu and there you’d see all the apps listed one by one. You can hide any of those iPhone apps. So, this is how, you can hide iPhone apps from springboard.

In many ways, HideMeX can be a great Cydia app for iPhone or iPad if you’ve jailbreak device.

You can get it completely free, for that just leave comments…


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  1. can I still get it free? thanks

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  3. It used to hide some core elements and not developed to hide any apps, but you can use HideMeX to hide those things too. If you’re on jailbroken device, there are many options available for you.

  4. HideMeX is complete Cydia tweak to hide apps, games and any part of your iOS, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work on new firmware like iOS 10.2 and iOS 9.2.1
    You need to try alternative ways to hide your iPhone apps which you don’t wanna show to others.

    1. Dude how stupid are you iOS 10 allows hiding of system apps

      1. Dude how stupid are you iOS 10 allows hiding apps when they are restricted. If you are jailbroken some apps you hide so you don’t see the icon (maybe its not supported in your theme but you use the app.) and you can still access the application on settings or cydia.

  5. If you want to hide apps on iPhone, I’ve solid idea about that, you don’t need to install HideMeX or any Cydia tweaks.

    Idea: You can make a nested folder and drag all the apps that you wanna hide to that folder.

    Simply, those iPhone apps would be hidden without using HideMe Cydia tweak.

    1. I’ve iOS 10.2, can you tell me how to create nested folders? The old tricks don’t work anymore on this new firmware.

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