Goophone i7 Plus, Pro and iPhone 7 Clone Buy at $50 Price, USA Imported, DHL Shipping

Goophone i7 Price for iPhone 7 Clone, i7 Pro and i7 Plus from China…

Apple is just prepared for the new iPhone 7 release in different variants such as iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus and regular iPhone 7 4.7″ device and in other hands, the clone phones are popping up in the Chinese market in a cheap price.

We’ve found Goophone i7 which is clone of iPhone 7 on the Chinese website DHGate. This Chinese website is one of the most popular site for buying clone phones specially known for Samsung and Apple iPhone clones.

The first ever GooPhonei7 (iPhone 7 Clone) is on a sale of $50 for a iPhone 7 True Clone and based on USA imported. We’re not so knowledgeable in clone phones so can’t tell you anything regarding USA Imported or iPhone 7 True Clone terms.

However, $50 is quite cheap price for a full featured iPhone 7 Clone (Goophone i7). We’ve exprienced two times with the clone phones. One was iPhone 6SE Clone and the second was iPhone 7SE Clone which was based on iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 respectively. They’re charging separate price for shipping to USA, UK, Canada and other countries. They ship to these countries using DHL and other registered posts.

There are different variants available on iPhone 7 Clone USA Imported…

  • Goophone i7 regular
  • GooPhone i7 Plus
  • GooPhone i7 Pro
  • GooPhone i7 SE
  • iPhone 7 Clone True Clone

It seems like they’re consider iPhone 7 Clone as GooPhone i7 in the first place for same meanings. According to my knowledge, GooPhone i7 which is iPhone 7 Clone 4.7″ is available for $50 and then the different variants are at different price.

There are bunch of videos have been posted on YouTube that demo these devices. Most of these demos have been released by the developers and maker or these GooPhone i7 and you can find almost all the variants on YouTube.

iPhone 7SE Clone is one which is too popular while other clone is iPhone 7 Pro Clone which came hot during this month. You can easily found iPhone 7 Plus Clone on the same website with the name of GooPhone i7.

Meanwhile, different Chinese companies have released their own branded iPhone 7 Clone with different names such as Meizu has released Meizu Pro 6 and Meizu Pro 7 which is based on iPhone 7 Clone. In other hand, Xiaomi which is also Chinese brand has announced iPhone 7 Clone with Redmi Pro name.


Before making any decision to buy iPhone 7 Clone or GooPhone i7, you should read our notes on these clones.

Most of the time, these GooPhone doesn’t work at other countries except China because these clone phones have invalid of fake IMEI and thus you would face SMS, Calling not working. The network would be okay, but it won’t work on these Chines iPhone clones.

Another issue is, you may have to pay customs duty based on New original device rather that Goophone i7 or iPhone 7 Clone because the box and the device looks same as original and the lable of the box would show iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Plus or different variants of the device.

It’s too hard to return these GooPhone i7 because the return would take 2 to 3 months based on Shipping method and it may attract shipping cost too which may be huge in the case of DHL and Fedex.

Most of the time GooPhone i7 which are demonstrated on YouTube are completely different then the original iPhone 7 Clone so most of the features won’t work.

90% these iPhone 7 Clone may be buggy and most the features won’t work. Mostly then have bugs in Camera, Flash light and Location service. Network issues can be seen almost on all Goophone i7.

Bottom Line

We won’t recommend to buy any iPhone 7SE Clone, iPhone 7 Plus Clone or iPhone 7 Pro Clones at any way from any websites from anywhere or any countries. DHGate is one of the popular and most trusted website, but it also don’t give your refund you in case of buggy iPhone 7 Clone or different from description.

The seller won’t respond you once the payment is finalised. Most of the time, you’d have to ended up with empty hands because you won’t return iPhone 7 Clone and you won’t use it at all.

You may read a lot of comments below about different experiences based on iPhone 7 Clone (GooPhone i7). We recommends to make a comment if you’ve previous experience of iPhone clones.


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  6. I need to iPhone7 clone how can I buy?

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  8. Can u sale i7 goophone in India

    1. Michael Bemelmans

      Hi Avinash,
      It’s my personal advice to you that don’t ever buy iPhone 7 Clone or Goophone i7 from anywhere whether it’s from China or USA or from India. Goophone is not stable and since you’re from India, these Chinese phone doesn’t support indian network and it would cost you around $250 USD.

      You can buy any used or refurbished iPhone 7 or iPhone SE or iPhone 6S, 6SE from your local market or from Ebay india website if you’re from india which would cost you around $200 for genuine iPhone except it’s used or refurbished iPhone.

      So, don’t waste your valuable money on Goophonei7 or iPhone7 clone.

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