GC4iOS Download: The Best Game Emulator iPA for iOS 10.3.1 without Jailbreak for iPhone

GC4iOS Emulator for iOS 10.3.1 without jailbreak for iPhone…

If you’ve played games on your iPhone using GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS or SNES4iOS, you would be aware of these game emulators. GC4iOS is new game emulator for iPhone that can be installed without jailbreak on iOS 10.3.1.

If you’ve iPhone and running any firmware that can’t be jailbreak and still you wanna play games using game emulator such as Emu4iOS, you should read this article and I’d show you the way where you can also download GC4iOS and install without jailbreak.

You’d have installed many apps from Apple App Store using your Apple ID and that’s quite easy too. However, after a short hard work you can easily side load iPhone apps such as GC4iOS, GBA, NDS and Emu4iOS game emulators to play your favourite games.

GC4iOS aka GameCube game emulator experience is the best till the date for iOS 10.3.1 for iPhone if you can’t jailbreak your firmware. It offers bunch of Roms for free for your iPhone.

Before start reading this article in order to download or install CG4iOS on iPad or iPhone, please keep in mind that GameCube is only compatible for latest iPhone or iPad devices such as 64-bit devices. Plus, you need MacOS computer or Windows Computer to run Cydia Impactor for installing this game emulator on your iPhone without jailbreak. Furthermore, to install this game emulator, you need GC4iOS iPA file also.

  1. As I mentioned above that you must have iPA file in your computer. It means, before start you should download CG4iOS iPA file from the downloading site. Once you’ve the iPA file for the said game emulator, you’d think about the next step.
  2. To proceed you must have computer that can run Cydia Impactor. Generally, MacOS or any Windows Computer can run Cydia impactor very easily, you just need to make sure the compatibility for your iPhone. If you’ve compatible computer, download Cydia Impactor and run it.
  3. Now without wasting time, you should drag and drop that CG4iOS iPA file into Cydia impactor. You would already aware of this step if you’ve ever jailbroken your iPhone using Yalu jailbreak tool.
  4. Here you’d require App Specific password too. Yeah, to run the Cydia Impactor app to install CG4iOS iPhone app, you may ask App Specific password that can be generated using Apple ID website.
  5. Once you fill the required information into the computer, Cydia Impactor would install CG4iOS on iPhone without jailbreak.

Note: Instantly after installation, CG4iOS won’t run anyway. You must trust the developer profile from Settings app. To do so, you can follow some very simple, but effective steps mentioned below…

  1. You must access settings app.
  2. There you have to tap on General section.
  3. Here you’d see Device Management menu, tap on it.
  4. Now, tap on CG4iOS profile and trust the developer.


You’ve successfully installed CG4iOS 10.3.1 on your iPhone and it’s ready to be launch. You can run it and download whatever ROM for it you love.

If you’ve any query or troubling question, you can ask it in the comment section.

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