GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS or Emu4iOS 10.2: Get One of them

If you’ve smartphone, you can go for Emu4iOS, NDS4iOS or GBA4iOS 10.2…

According to demand, the developers have redeveloped some core applications and emulators for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.

Yeah, we’re talking about GBA4iOS 10.2 support. The Game Boy Advance Emulator has been updated finally for iOS 10.2 for iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

Apple crack down new update of iOS 10.2 for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone to prepare these devices for iOS 10.2 which is coming just after this firmware update. Finally after this update, you’d see iOS 10.2 and there won’t be any iOS 10.2 or iOS 9.3.6 as future firmware update for iPhone and iPad.

To Cheer up, the developers of different game emulators such as NDS4iOS which is one of the giant game emulator company for years and Emu4iOS which provides different emulator installation within the same device have upgraded their game apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

With this update, Emu4iOS 10.2 brings support for new firmware and some more Cool Roms which it doesn’t support before. Same like Emu4iOS, other popular game emulator specially GBA4iOS and NDS4iOS have started to support new Cool Roms that includes Pokemon Go which is really very popular and viral among smartphone users.

As Apple directly doesn’t support these emulators, you want to trick in order to download one of these game emulator on your iPhone for sure. Unfortunately on iOS 10.2, you can’t use Cydia to download GBA4iOS 10.2 or NDS4iOS 10.2 anymore.

So, it’s better to try old trick which works since long time without jailbreak or no Cydia at all. We’ve covered all about those tricks which can be found on our blog.

Update for iOS 10.2: All new Cool Roms are coming for IOS 10.2 dedicated to GBA, NDS and Emu4iOS which can be downloaded for free in the beta stage. You’d no longer get these Cool Rom for free after beta stage so be hurry.

If you’re facing difficulties installing these game emulator on your iPhone and iPad, please leave a single comment and we’d help you out.

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