GBA for iOS 11.1.2: iPhone Game Boy Advance Emulator for iPad

Download GBA4iOS for iPhone, iPad running on iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11.1.2…

One of the popular game emulator has been updated for iOS 11.1.2 and as well as iOS 11.1.2 which is released by Apple just last week. Fortunately, GBA4iOS supports Pokemon Go, so you won’t be unhappy to see your favorite game.

Since iOS became more jailbreak friendly, users can actually install many top jailbreak apps such as GBA4iOS without any need or support of Cydia. You can just head to app website and download a profile, verify it and install your favorite game emulator or just like that. GBA iOS 11.1.2 is just one of them.

Nowadays without jailbreak, users install NDS4iOS 11.1.2, Emu4iOS 11.1.2 and many of such game emulator with the help of vShare application specially since AppVV released vShare Pro for iPhone, iPad and Android.

iPhone users can download GBA4iOS dedicated to iOS 11.1.2 or newly released iOS 11.1.2 for free without any kind of tension of Cydia or jailbreak in order to add your favorite game ROM available for GBA or Emu4iOS. NDS4iOS 11.1.2 also supports Pokemon Go.

And unlike before, GBA4iOS doesn’t require any kind of jailbreak at all. You can be comfortable without having Cydia on you iPhone or iPad in order to play your favorite games using this favorite game emulator.

Surprisingly, GBA iOS 11.1.2 uses the official Apple certificate to install GBA4iOS 11.1.2 and iOS 11.1.2 exclusively on iPhone and iPad. It doesn’t require any trick such as Data trick or some other.

Fortunately GBA4iOS 11.1.2 which is most recent update in this game emulator supports MultiPlayer, different Skins, URL Scheme, DropBox Support as well as Cheat codes. Plus, you’d feel flexible while playing GBA4iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.1.2 and all other previous version of Apple firmware for iPhone and iPad.

You’d get a lot more after installing GBA iOS 11.1.2 on your device and the first thing is ROMs. Yeah, there are many GBA4iOS Roms available on the web which give you something different experience basis of each new ROMs. Many of those GBA4iOS ROMs are free for download.

How to Download GBA4iOS 11.1.2 and Install without Jailbreak

While you’re installing GBA for iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak, you need to trust profile which you’d get when you’d visit iEmulators website.

Yeah, you want to access Safari browser and head the best GBA4iOS ROMs website, iEmulators and visit GBA4iOS download page. Where you need to tap on Install button and iEmulator would easily install GBA iOS 11.1.2 on your iPhone.

You can use iPod Touch, iPad Air or iPad mini as well as iPad Pro to install and run GBA4iOS games.

Note: make sure that you’ve made it’s profile in the trusted way otherwise, GBA4iOS not working error would be appear.

Despite that if you’d face GBA4iOS not working, you can make a simple comment stating the whole issue or if you can’t install GBA ROMS, you can also make a comment for that URL.

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  1. Guys I think so you shoul back your all apps in a computer and then delete them and put them again

  2. I’m on ios 11.1.2 and I installed gba4ios yesterday but today I couldn’t open the app because my phone said it was “not verified and cannot be opened until it is”. I attempted “verifying” gba4ios but nothing happened and I still couldn’t open it. So I uninstalled but to my dismay the app wouldn’t finish downloading and kept saying “gba4ios can’t be downloaded at this time”. Has the app been revoked again or am I doing something wrong that I should make note of? I hope you get to this! Thanks!

    1. My bad I meant iOS 9.3.5

      1. That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cougiibntrnt.

  3. Great news. I’ve seen GBA4iOS 11.1.2 developments on the forum blog. Yeah, GBA4iOS11.1.2 is under beta stage which could be in public within few weeks after iOS 11.1.2 officially out for public. One of the forum member hinted about the development dedicated to iOS 11.1.2 and further.

  4. hello admin, i need one link from this article. contact me on facebook to discuss 🙂 .

  5. I can’t get it to download and I can not find profiles of device management on my iPhone 6 currently running 11.1.2

  6. Today playing Pokemon Fire red, was charging iPad for about an hour, off but not all the way off you know. Did date trick moving back all that junk, nothing is working. Says that I need to verify the app in settings or whatever not working please someone help me I’ve literally devoted past 4 days to Pokemon Fire red and almost beat it I gotta get this fixed man.

    1. Did anybody find a way to reinstall?? Pokemon is my life I need it back on my device

      1. IKR same I literally spent past 5 days for hours and hours on each day trying to beat Pokemon Fire red I got an 8 hour flight in a few days and this is literally all I want! Anyone know if jail breaking will fix it?

      2. I've been so waiting to hear about your trip. I can't really explain why, but your report really lifted my spirits and made me feel like I was along with the two of you, whom I adore. If you do decide to go to Vienna to meet Birgit, please let me know. I'm actually serious: I don't know if it would work out, but I'd love to meet all three of you and would seriously consider such a trpioL.oking forward to part two!

  7. Man GBA4iOS 11.1.2 works, just try new enterprise certificate on your iPhone.

    1. What about 9.3.2? How do you get new certificate and stuff? Sorry I’m noob with this kinda stuff lol

  8. Hi, i had it installed but since today it doesnt longer work. I Also couldnt trust it so i deleted it to reinstall. But now it Wont install anymore and i cant find a site that works . Any help pls?

    1. The same thing happened to me, it seems like GBA iOS 11.1.2 stopped working due to Apple Patched some security loopholes.

  9. I try download a game and when it goes to installing it goes back and says unable to install help me plz

    1. Simply, GBA4iOS not working specially on iOS 11.1.2 with newest update. I’m sure there is something happening in Apple campus to block these games. NDS iOS 11.1.2 also not working

  10. Same issues everyone else is having. There is no option for device management or profiles. Just updated to 11.1.2 today! Ugh wish I never deleted my original emulator! Helppppp

  11. Guys i have a iPhone 5 IOS 11.1.2, when i go to general settings there is no such thing as ‘profile’ or ‘device management’

    Please help me, it says ‘unable to download’

  12. I tap install and then says cannot install app

    Current iOS 11.1.2

  13. Been playing fine for a week now it does stop workig daily which would require me to redownload the app but noe the datr trick doesn’t work…stuck plz help and no i dont want to delete the app because i dont want to lose my saved files 🙁

  14. Unable to download app running 11.1.2 iphone 5 ….

  15. I have been trying to download gba4ios for a while now, and whenever I install it, the gba4ios logo doesn’t appear while downloading and it says it’s unable to install. I have tried the date – trick and the signed version and both have not downloaded.. I am using an iPhone 5 running 11.1.2.

  16. Theres a problem with the installation part. I have an iphone 5 running with iOS and the “profiles” or “Device Management” field does not exist in General Settings and my device cant trust the app. Can someone please explain?

  17. Hello,

    I’m unfortunately stucked at the trusting part of the installation.

    Indeed, I have no “profile” field available at all under the path settings>general hence I cannot trust the application manually.

    I have read somewhere that I must install one but I have no idea on how to do so.

    My IOS was upgraded into 11.1.2 two weeks ago.

    I have an iphone 5s.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,


    1. i have the same problem…it says i cannot be installd now. i have an iphone 6 with ios

  18. This is great achievement for PanGu that they’ve solved all the issues with Cydia iOS 11.1.2 as well as jailbreak. And personally I congratulates them. I just want to say that thanks for providing GBA4iOS 11.1.2 using Cydia installer which won’t be possible without your jb. GBA iOS 11.1.2 works great on 64 bit devices.
    thanks again.

  19. Thanks for the download links for GBA4iOS iOS 11.1.2 and all the supported tools. I’ve now Pokemon Go with couple of other ROMs which are viral on the web nowadays.

  20. Some one please help me download PokeMon Go Roms compatible for GBA4iOS or NDS4iOS 11.1.2, I’m tried searching the way to install Pokemon Go.

    I read a new story about Pokemon go in the news paper everyday and I’m crazy about it to play on my iPhone running GBA 4 iOS 11.1.2, you can give me the link for NDS4iOS or Emu4iOS too, if they’re easy to download Pokemon Go IOS 11.1.2

    Thanks a lot

  21. I’ve something different issue. I have recently download GBA4iOS which is still in Zip format and I’m unable to install it on my iPhone. I don’t know how to unzip because my iPhone doesn’t support such features. Please help

    1. There are some easy steps available to follow, but you’d need computer and as well as DropBox facility. As GBA4iOS 11.1.2 supports DropBox, you can install DropBox on your computer whether you’ve Mac or Windows and the same dropbox should be installed on your iPhone also.

      Now, unzip GBA4iOS using your computer and add unzip version of GBA iOS 11.1.2 on that dropbox.

      Ultimately, you want to access dropbox on your iPhone and install GBA4iOS from dropbox which you’ve added from your computer.

      I hope you understand whole process. I know the process isn’t so easy but if you want to play your favorite games with GBA4iOS, you need to follow these steps.

    2. Try to “import” the download with GBA4iOS. I was having the same problem but that worked for me. I also have an iPhone 7 so that might be why it worked.

  22. OMG! it’s something going wrong. GBA4iOS not working on iOS 11.1.2 anymore. It seems like Apple did all those bad tricks to block GBA game emulator on iPhone using latest firmware block feature. Please help me download GBA4iOS 11.1.2 without Apple Certificate. Help needed.

    1. I would suggest you to download it again, because I recently downloaded GBA iOS 11.1.2 on my iPhone that runs on the latest released iOS 11.1.2 beta 3 which is developer edition. I hope you get it because it’s one of the most updated and advance beta release by Apple. You can try re download and install GBA4iOS 2.1 or try another skin of iEmulator

  23. Thanks man, you just save a couple of dollar from my pocket because I was just about to visit dedicated store to download and install GBA4iOS 11.1.2 game emulator on my iPhone.

    It’s something hard to manage such game emulator and then it’s ROMs, but finally I installed using iEmulators which is far easier than vShare in the first place.

    I’d be thankful if you’d link iEmulators and GBA for iOS 11.1.2 download links as direct links.

    1. I also followed the same trick as mentioned above to install GBA4iOS but is there someone who tell me how to make Pokemon Go cheats codes with GBA for iOS 11.1.2???

  24. Was playing pokemon emerald and closed app to charge phone and when I was just about to get on again I had to verify and it wont so I deleted it to reinstall but it says unable to install app on this device

    1. I’m having the same issue pretty much point for point. If you find a solution let me know asap please

    2. I’m having the same issue. Has anyone figured out how to fix it, I’m afraid I’ve wasted all this time playing fire red


    3. Same here mate

    4. Same exact thing happened to me

      1. What I did was I double tapped the home button to see all the apps I used, then when I hit gba4ios it actually worked without crashing

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