Download vShare PRO Without Jailbreak and Install Paid Games for Free

How to install vShare Pro without jailbreak iOS 10.2

vShare iOS 10.2 is awesome app all the way that allows user to install many great Cydia apps without jailbreak. So, if you can’t jailbreak and still wanna install Cydia tweaks that you love most, try vShare download and install all those restricted stuff on your iPhone or iPad.

I really love playing games on my iPhone and GBA4iOS is the great option for me for that. I installs NDS4iOS and other top level iPhone game emulator such as Emu4iOS on jailbreak device, but when i’m not on jailbreak device, it’s really a tough matter to download and install those apps without jailbreak on my iPhone.

But, there is another catch that can be used to download these games and top level music player such as MovieBox, Popcorn Time and Playbox on your iPhone and it’s vShare Pro.

Yeah, it’s really a nice app that has found the way to get into any iOS device without jailbreak. The developer, AppVV has developed such a wonderful vShare app that can install many useful apps without jailbreak on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

I’ve tested vShare many times on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and recently on iPad Pro which can’t be jailbreak. So, I tried download vShare on my iPad Pro which is running on iOS 10.2. It surprisingly installs Movie Box app for iPhone without jailbreak on iOS 10.2 which is not possible directly, but I have managed it to download and installed using vShare. Can you believe this???

So, I can now confirm that vShare works again those users who are still confident that vShare not working on iOS 10.2. It can still install all your favorite apps whether it’s MovieBox or GBA4iOS.

You won’t need to pay anything in order to install vShare iOS 10.2 on your iPhone without jailbreak because this app is completely free.

At the same time, if you’ve jailbroken device such as iPad or iPhone which run on firmware that can be jailbreak or it’s already jailbroken, you can still download vShare Pro and enjoy installing all those great apps that need jailbreak.

So, what are you thinking for? Just download all your favorite apps using vShare Pro. Leave a comment or message if you’re stuck anywhere.

Thanks and good bye.


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  1. Not working

    1. Man, I suggested you to that Mojo can be really helpful in downloading vShare Pro iOS 10.2 without jailbreak.
      Try it.

    2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot working!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. This is something that I’m constantly listening about vShare. They’ve released AppiShare as Pro version, if it’s not working, you can try Mojo or any other different alternative to it.

        1. Mojo doesn’t work!!! It doesn’t pop up!!!

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  2. I go into the vshare and hit download but nothing happens. It goes to an instruction site and won’t download.

    1. Guilherme Zagonel

      Yeah, because if you’d download without instruction, vShare won’t install any app. So, better you go to their instruction page where you’d ask to install vShare Helper mac or windows app and once you’d install it. You’d set to go.

      I hope you’re getting exactly what I’m talking to you. AppVV has introduced part time app which is known as vSharePro. You can go for it too.

  3. I don’t see how it works because I have tried one of theses all of them don’t work

    1. Why don’t you say how to get the app?

  4. its not working

  5. The only thing I have a great day to be a good day to be a great day

  6. Why does it say Safari can’t download the file ?

  7. I’m facing vShare Pro not working, please help me

    1. I hate you

      1. You suck Anonymous

  8. I wanna vShare Pro download store
    please help me sir

    1. Look, AppiShare is only the way to download vShare Pro, so head to the website and if you’re lucky, you’d be able to download it.
      But, I heard that AppVV has stopped maintaining this app now, so no more update would come to this app. So, it’s better to move on vShare Pro rather than AppiShare anymore.

    2. I’d have to examine with you here. Which isn’t something I usually do! I take pleasure in studying a post that can make people think. Addoliinatly, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  9. hello sir iphone 4s vshare install but i download vshare store apps but installing not working why error is time help me sir

    1. I am also getting same error while installing third party apps using vshare when I tried first time installing Minecraft, it is stopped working and now when I am trying again it shows me error and
      When I reinstalled vsare application, it is not loading installed packages

    2. Do you have heard about vShare Helper app, you can use it to find out which is the error and how to fix it.
      The developers of this app have developed another Helper tool to fix profile related issues and it’d be installed on Mac or Windows
      So, download AppiShare or vShare Pro in absence of original app

  10. You should one thing, Apple is working hard to block vshare pro and in very short time, vshare not working on iOS 10.2 and iOS 10.2 without jailbreak. All the certificate would be blocked.
    You need to be in extra care and recommend all users to download all favorite apps and games using this app if they want before it’s too late.
    Hope you get it what you want.

  11. I’m gonna test download for vshare to install gba4ios on iPhone without jailbreak

    1. Since couple of days, vshare not working on newer iOS 10.2 without jailbreak
      whats the issue?

    2. Fatassgame hi not work ing

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