Download PlayBox iOS 10.2: MovieBox 10.2 Alternative Without Jailbreak Using vShare or AppAddict

Download PlayBox iOS 10.2: MovieBox 10.2 Alternative Without Jailbreak Using vShare or AppAddict

Just a week ago, we had published a way of installing MovieBox iOS 10.2 without jailbreak using vShare or other iPA installer but without jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Suppose, you’re not able to install Movie Box iOS 10.2 without jailbreak, there is another similar app called PlayBox which offers similar features and the best alternative to MovieBox 10.2.

You can Download PlayBox iOS 10.2, if you haven’t jailbroken device or Moviebox gives errors. There are some simple tricks to install PayBox without any issue. Play Box iOS 10.2 works on all iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

How to Install PlayBox Without Jailbreak

There are two ways, you can install PlayBox app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Both methods have been explained blow…

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1. You can use vShare or AppAddict: Both the iPA installer work on jailbreak and without jailbreak. The difference is, jailbreak iPA installer can install jailbreak hacks too, whereas without jailbreak, it can’t install paid apps for free. So, go to and install their installer (Non jailbreak). After installing vShare, search PlayBox and install app.

2. You can use PlayBox HD website: The app developers have launched their own website from where you can download Play Box and install without jailbreak. Open Safari browser and head to There you would asked to install PlayBox installer, install it. Done.

Suppose, you get any error or issue, you can comment to get working fix…


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  1. Somnath Roy ( )

    I have used showbox before but completely unknown to playbox.Can some one please guide me through it? Thanks in advance

  2. I was looking for movie box, but I couldn’t install moviebox without jailbreak, so I installed playbox without jailbreak, but i don’t know how to use Playbox on my iPhone. I was familiar with Moviebox, but completely unknown with Playbox iPhone app
    please help

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