PandaApp Apps Alternative to InstallOus: Allows Cracked Apps to Install on iPhone, iPad

Download PandaApp Apps Alternative to InstallOus: Allows Cracked Apps to Install on iPhone, iPad

If you’ve ever downloaded and installed InstallOus apps, you’re already aware of such wonderful apps. After jailbreaking, the first step of every jailbreaker was installing InstallOus or AppulOus. Both the products were made by HackulOus.

The days are gone and HackulOus is not shut down. They have took down after various notices, but they’d given the reason of hosting issues for take down. But, there are plenty of different jailbreak apps still available which can be seriously consider as alternatives to Install0us.

PandaApp is one of those alternatives. PandaApp Downloader is a iPA Installer which allows user to install limitless cracked apps and jailbreak hacks. PandaApp iOS 10.2 hasn’t any restrictions for installing apps on iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air.

How to Install Panda Apps using PandaApp Downloader

There are mainly two ways to download Panda Apps. With a jailbroken iPhone or iPad and without jailbreak.

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1. Without Jailbreak: Suppose, you’ve an iPhone or iPad and its not jailbroken, they you should choose this method. In this case, you won’t be able to install cracked apps or unsigned iPA files. Free apps are always signed, so it doesn’t require AppSync Cydia tweak. This how, it installs without jailbreak.

2. Suppose, you’ve jailbroken iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone, you’re the one who can fully leverage PandaApp iOS 10.2 without any issue. This would allow you installing cracked apps, but it would require you to install AppSync iOS 10.2 on your device to install cracked apps using PandaApp.

PandaApp Alternatives: There are several jailbreak apps which can be installed instead of it. Unlike PandaApp APK, on iOS device, you’ve options of installing vShare, Kuaiyong and 25PP which are similar apps. AppAddict can also install free apps without jailbreak and using appsync, it also installs cracked apps.

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  1. Does Pandaapp offer cracked app store? I wanna install clash of clan hack

  2. Can you list up apps which is hosted on this repo source? I searched paid apps but found that all the apps are paid or either free. There isn’t any cracked app available on their website. How can you say that their iPhone app would have cracked apps and its installous alternative?

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