Download MovieBox iOS 10.2 Without Jailbreak Using vShare iPhone App

Download MovieBox iOS 10.2 Without Jailbreak Using vShare iPhone App

What would be your reaction when we say that you can install MovieBox without Jailbreak? In most cases, you would say, its impossible, there is no way installing Moviebox Without jailbreak on any iOS device whether it is iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So now, its possible to download MovieBox and install it without jailbreak on any iPhone or iPad.

MovieBox iOS 10.2 is most popular entertainment app which is developed for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch for jailbroken firmware. However, the most current version of Movie box iOS 10.2, can be installed without jailbreak from vShare.

vShare iOS 10.2 is available for both jailbroken and non jailbreak device. On jailbroken device, vShare would install any version of Movie Box and other cracked apps too, but using non jailbreak version, you’re able to install free apps and most current Movie Box iOS 10.2 app too without jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to Install Movie Box iOS 10.2 Using vShare

To install MovieBox iOS 10.2, you would have to head your browser to website. Follow instructions…

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  1. Open Safari web browser and go to
  2. would ask you to install vShare iOS 10.2 non jailbroken app on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Tap “Install” button, that would install vShare app.
  4. Now, open vShare app and tap on Search button.
  5. Type “MovieBox” or “Movie Box iOS 10.2” and wait for result.
  6. There would be MovieBox iOS 10.2 appear, tap on Install and then confirm that installation by tapping on Trust button.
  7. Done. That would install MovieBox iOS 10.2 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without jailbreak.

Are you still confuse? Share your confusion in comment box…


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  1. anyone help me please…. I’ve alr d/l movie box, but my movie box can not download movies as usual it is only show “watch now” and why please help me….

  2. I downloaded vShare through my pc onto my iPhone but moviebox doesn’t want to download anymore Ann help guys?

  3. I’ve tried 3-4 times, still not working. I followed those steps from vshare and still not working.

  4. I can’t even download vShare. I went to and it’s telling me to download on the computer or download on android. I downloaded it on computer and sent the vShare app to my iPhone and the app doesn’t even have moviebox. It has all these little kiddy games.

    1. Look, I understand whole issue. In short, vShare not working these days so that they’re forcing users to connect vShare helper with PC and once you connect, helper app would fix all the issues and then you can install their installer app.

      Once you install the app, you can search MovieBox iOS 10.2. But since the’re trying all of these as beta right now, you’re facing some issues for some apps.

      Do you have tried any other app except MovieBox?

      1. Guilherme Zagonel

        You don’t understand. My friends claiming that they can install MovieBox iOS 10.2 on latest beta without jailbreak. Can you do that? Please try to understand and show me any iPA Installer to install this app. Please…

  5. Keep getting a error message saying cannot connect to and won’t let download begin. iOS 10.2

  6. Why is it that when type a search for Movie Box IOS 9.2.1 or 10.2 etc. none come up? All I find is Movie Box, Movie Box Pro and other movie apps.

  7. It still won’t let me download it. It’s asking me to update to pro but I don’t have a pc.

  8. I have iOS 9 and Im using iPhone 6, whenever i download movie box or play box or any other app, it says the app couldnt be downloaded right now, retry. I did this about 50 times but it wont work

    1. Do you’ve tried vshare to do that?

      1. We deiifntely need more smart people like you around.

    2. Do you’ve tried vshare to download all these apps? Movie Box app for iPhone works great when i downloaded the app using above specified downloader
      thanks to it. One more thing, I used iOS 10.2 which is latest beta release

    3. Change date to back one year and try again, once downloaded change date to automatic again , it, ll work for few days and after that do same again

  9. It worked fine in the begging but then it stoped working and yet you say it’s a fine working app that will be the day

    1. Do you’ve tried latest version?
      It works in my case so

    2. It’s working on my iPhone so i can confirm that it works

  10. Doesn’t even allow to install vshare in the iOS 10.2

  11. vShare won’t let me download Movie Box. Neither will iOSEmus. I had problems with Movie Box in the past, where I had to uninstall it twice because it kept crashing, and also had to take the time to restart my phone about 10.2 times. Movie Box literally can’t download because it always says “Movie Box can’t be downloaded at this time. Options: Done or Try Again.” Any suggestions?

    1. I think your past disturbing you
      Restore your iOS or upgrade to iOS 10.2

    2. The past is creating main issue
      Restore or upgrade your device

    3. Try vShare iOS 10.2 to download MovieBox app on iPhone, it works

  12. I installed MovieBox, but when I am trying to open, it crashes. Movie box not working without jailbreak. It was working just fine before iOS 10.2 on iOS 8.1.2 on jailbroken device.

  13. Where is the link to download Movie Box iOS 10.2? I’m just confused

  14. Does it work on iOS 10.2? I’ve just upgraded to iOS 10.2 beta 4 and looking for MovieBox iOS 10.2 beta version. Please help. I wanna try it without jailbreak my iOS 10.2

  15. Which is the repo source for Movie Box iOS 10.2?

  16. Thanks man, it works
    I tried it and it worked like a charm
    Movie Box iOS 10.2 rocks

    1. Confirmed!
      It works fine even without jailbreak
      tested it

  17. Can we use iFunBox iOS 10.2 to install this app? I heard that if we download ipa file, we can install any tweak or free app using ifunbox without jailbreak
    is it true?

  18. Thanks man, it works. I just tried and successfully installed movie box iPhone app. Do you know my wife was asking me to install it on iPhone and i was nervous because I knew that movie box cant be installed without jailbreak, but vShare did it.
    thanks to vShare too.

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