Download iTransmission 4 Without Jailbreak | The Best Torrent Downloader for iPhone, iPad

iTransmission iOS 11.1.2 Download available for iPhone, iPad, Android

Look, the best torrent downloader is iTransmission and that’s without any doubt. I’m talking about the app which is capable to install on iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

Along with the support of iPhone, iTransmission 4 is now capable to download on iOS 11.1.2 without Cydia or jailbreak at all.

So, we decided to come on this topic again with the most recently updated iTransmission4 compatible with IOS 11.1.2 with brand new trick which works great and allows you to sideload iTransmission 4 on iPhone without jailbreak.

Now, you were thinking what is Sideload at all? You’ve heard about Apple AppStore, Jailbreak app store and now Sideload! Actually, the apps which are installed on your iPhone with no connection of AppStore are known as Sideload apps. iTransmission 4 is one of them.

The users who wanna download torrent client for iPhone or iPad and looking to download Torrent files should consider iTransmission without jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 because there isn’t latest version of Cydia or jbreak for iOS 11.1.2 right now.

Installing sideload apps is really a tough job because we need either the apps that have Apple enterprise certificate who provide these apps or need Xcode to sign iTransmission torrent client for iPhone for you.


Generally the first condition or requirement is, you must have Android or iOS device. If you’ve iPhone, iPad or any Samsung device, you can surly enjoy iTransmission app for iPhone for sure. Remaining requirements are as under…

  • If you’re gonna try Xcode, you must have Apple Developer account, Mac OS X to run Xcode and app signer utility to sign iTransmission deb file and of course deb package of iTransmission4 to install on iOS 11.1.2.
  • If you’ve jailbroken device, you need Cydia installer. Then, you can search iTransmission torrent client on Cydia app for your iPhone or iPad for free.
  • Yeah, you can download Mojo Installer without jailbreak to install iTransmission without jailbreak your iPhone.

Now, it depends on you which is the best way to download iTransmission on your iPhone or Android device. I’d suggest third one because it won’t ask you to use any computer or Windows or Mac OS in order to run iTransmission 4.

Mojo Installer iOS 11.1.2 is completely free iPhone app which can be installed on iPad too. And you feel any difficulty or have issues, you can make a comment below for further inquiry. Thanks.

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